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Andie MacDowell Steals The Show With Her Natural Grey Curls At The Cannes Film Festival

Elegant diva and legendary actress cum fashion model Andie MacDowell gazed appearance with her hair colour. The actress is known for her efforts and contribution to the empowerment of the industry. And as nowadays most people are focusing on their respective natural looks, Andie also seems to join them.
We have seen that from the past several years Andie is growing her grey curly hairs which overall defines her elegant look. The hairstyle promotes the tone of her overall appearance and surely adds a touch to her personality.

Andie MacDowell Flaunts Her Grey Hairs At Red Carpet In Cannes Film Festival

While this week she was seen during the red carpet event at the Cannes Film Festival and her natural hair were the hot topic for the talks during the event ceremony. This was the first time that she flaunted her gorgeous and pretty hair among people. Although she gazed at the limelight more than the current generation actresses.

The actress turned 63 this year. While the age has not affected her elegant look and beauty. This time she had proven this during the Cannes Film Festival of this year. Andie who is nowadays serving as a brand ambassador to Loreal gazed at the appearance of people with her embellished ivory gown which was designed by Versace.

While the thing that mostly appeared during her outfit was her hair. Her cool-toned and grey curly hair were served as a new cooling touch for the eyes of her fans.
On the other hand, her looks were similar and more gorgeous on the second night of the event. This time she switched her hair to a low ponytail and wore a  shouldered dress which added a bloom to her overall appearance throughout the event night.

Andie MacDowell Credits Her Daughters For Her Natural Hair

Andie admits that it was her daughters who encouraged her for natural hair. The silver hair adds confidence to her but she regrets a thing that she is using a lot of conditioners nowadays to heal the natural hairs. She told, “I wasn’t colouring my hair and you could see my roots, and my daughters kept telling me that I looked badass.”

MacDowell continued her say, “So I went for it, and I’m enjoying it…It’s not that I’m letting myself go, I don’t think of it that way.” When asked for the extra care she is doing for her hair, Andie said, “Because of the silver, it gets even a little drier. The texture becomes even wirier, but I’m embracing all of it. I just put the conditioner in and leave it in there. If I’m not working, that’s all I do. I just sleep in it sometimes.”
Andie also admits that it looks like her hair is showing the signs of her ageing. “I’m comfortable. I like me. That’s where you get to by the time you’re my age. I do feel a responsibility to be a positive reflection of women as they age. I hope that I’m doing that.”