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Black Widow Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, References And What’s Next?


The latest “Black Widow” casting Scarlett Johansson, is the first movie of MCU Phase 4. This has already created so much excitement and chaos among the fans. Finally, our beloved character Natasha Romanoff got her own Marvel movie, after fans had been so far hinted about her traumatic childhood in other Marvel movies flashbacks. The latest Black widow is set between the time period between Captain America: Civil War and Avenger’s Endgame. The movie has also dropped many hints possessing the links of the events in the Infinity War.

Although, we know the sad reality of Natasha’s fate in Avengers: Endgame, the Black Widow still possesses the future of MCU in many ways. The death of Natasha is not the end of her story in Marvel movies. This movie has introduced us to many new characters, who still hold the future of upcoming Marvel movies. Moreover, the movie’s end explains that the legacy of Black Widow will be carried forward in the MCU. Read to know-how, the explained ending, major dropped easter eggs,  and what does the future of MCU behold?

Black Widow- The Ending Explained

Natasha’s traumatic backstory flashbacks finally get an explained storyline in the Black Widow. The plot follows the family of spies where not only parents but the children are also in the mission. The movie introduces us to undercover agents, Alexei Shostakov and a Black Widow, Melina. They seemed to live normal family life with their two surrogate daughters Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova. However, the family of four has been assigned for the mission to destroy the red room along with its creator  Dreykov.

In the final moments of the movie, Natasha and her surrogate family seem to finally complete the mission. As they destroy the Red Room and definitely kills Dreykov. Moreover, they free every woman, who has been turned into Black Widow against their will, from the chemical mind control. Natasha also gives the last Red Dust vial and the portable drives to Belova so that she can free the rest of the Black Widows from mind control. After that, Nat surrenders herself so as everybody can escape. However, in the last moments, we see Nat is free and she goes to bring her Avenger family back together, for her next adventure in the Infinity War.

How does the Black Widow‘s ending just drop major easter eggs on the fans? Hidden Avengers: Infinity War Easter eggs explained.


Who can forget Nat’s new look with a blonde haircut and her sleekest accessory: the dark green tactical vest with pockets in Infinity War? Well, that was an amazing and cool look. And now, we know how the events in Black Widow eventually lead to Nat’s new look in the Infinity war. Well, we looked upon the green vest as a cool outfit to fight with your enemy. But the vest has more importance than just a cool outfit. It’s an heirloom that Yelena gifts to her sister Nat before she takes off her another adventure. The vest has a symbolic reference that Yelena will always be there beside her sister. Moreover, at the end of the Black widow, Nat also gets her fully functioned Quinjet, which was used by the Avengers in both Infinity and Endgame.

How does the Black Widow still hold the future of MCU?


The post-credit scenes of Black Widow are set after the death of Natasha Romanoff. In the post-credit scenes, we see Yelena at the grave of Natasha referring to her next mission. That is to avenge the death of Natasha Romanoff by taking down Clint Barton (Hawkeye). The fans know that Natasha selflessly sacrificed herself so that her friend Clint could stay with his wife and children. However, her surrogate sister Yelena and Val believe, he is the one responsible for her death. We will only know what happens next in the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series. Well, the future of MCU can see Yelena carrying forward the legacy of Black Widow, and her surrogate sister Natasha Romanoff.