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Monsters At Work Disney+ Series Review: Everything To Know About The Monsters Inc. Sequel Series

 If you have watched Monsters, Ins. that hit the cinemas almost two decades ago in 2001. And you too are a big fan of Sulley, Mike, and Boo, then you are at the right place now. The 2001 animated comedy movie is coming back, after two decades, with its new spin-off Monster at Work, 2021. The upcoming animated series will premier on 7th July 2021 with our favorite trio of Sulley, Mike, and Boo.

Monster Inc. Franchise: Everything To Know

The whole Monster, Inc. franchise started with the first movie of the same name that got released in the year 2001. The story follows the fictional world of monsters, where they limit power from human babies’ cries. However, when a human child, Boo enters the world of monster by mistake. The two monster friends Sulley and Mike take the responsibility of returning the human baby into her world without creating chaos in their world. Hence, the story follows the hilarious adventure of the trio.

The next movie in the franchise, and the spin-off movie Monster University got released in 2013. This movie, somehow, served as the prequel of the main movie’s story. The plotline of Monster University takes us back to the days when Sulley and Mike became friends. The franchise also had two other short films, Mike’s New Car(2002) and Party Central(2013).featuring the characters from Monster Inc. Monster At Work is the upcoming animated series, also serving as the sequel to the original Monster Ins.

Monsters At Work: What is it all about?

Monster At Work, 2021 is a total blend of fun, hilarious, and adventures. It has also been able to restore the same energy as the original movie in every aspect. The sequel of Monster Inc. follows the story of the first movie. It literally picks up its story from the very next day, the first movie of the franchise left. Check Out the new trailer now:

Monster At Work follows the story of Tylor Tuskmon, who will be in the main lead of the upcoming series. He is one of the top scarers that has recently joined the Monster Incorporate company. However, we already know that Sulley and Mike had discovered with the help of Boo, that the laughter of human babies is even more productive to power the monster city. Thus, the Monster Inc. company changes its total focus and aim overnight. The whole pivotal idea had also uplifted the texture and theme of the series. Moreover, this has infused not only children but also adults to watch the animated series along with them.

Who is in the cast of “Monster At Work”?

The main character from Monster Inc. will return in the upcoming series and sequel to the original movie. However, fans will not be able to watch the duo Mike and Sulley so often, this time. Because the duo will have guest appearances in the series. John Goodman and Billy Crystal will reprise their role of Sulley and Mike respectively. Monster At Work follows the journey of the main lead, Tylor Tuskmon. The main lead character will be voiced by Ben Feldman. Moreover, there will also be old cast and characters from the original movie. You can watch the enthralling and fun animated series from July 7th, 2021 on Disney+. Each new episode of the series will air every Friday.