When Will Undekhi Return With A Seasond Season? – Read To Know Latest Updates

It presents a crime thriller web series despite its unique storyline and interesting theme, Sony LIV’s Undekhi was highly praised last year. SonyLiv renewed the show for a second season after the first season was a hit with thriller fans. The show focuses on true incidents while offering a unique storytelling experience. We are reminded how everything has become a very clear line between the rich, who can get away with anything, thus showing very low regard for their fellow humans, and the poor, who become a punching bag for the elite society.

Production of the show is handled by Edgestorm Ventures and Applause Entertainment. Ashish R Shukla is behind the show, who has directed great masterpieces such as Dev.D and Bohot Hua Samman. Whether it is the main cast or the supporting cast, everyone gives compelling performances making the show a success.

You can’t move from your seats until you have watched the entire season of Undekhi all at one go. It has that kind of chilling effect.

Plot and cast for Undekhi

There are several actors from the cast of Undekhi, including Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, Anchal Singh, and Abhishek Chauhan.

There are two police officers investigating a murder in the jungle of the Sunderbans in the first season of the show, set in West Bengal. Afterward, the locals were asked to search for a mutilated corpse supposedly of Dibakar Sarkar, a police officer. As soon as a dead body is found, Dibyendu Bhattacharya is notified by the local authorities. Two girls from a nearby tribal village are also missing, and they learn of this later.

Recap of the last episodes from Season 1

In the wake of the murder incident, Teji becomes unpredictable and tries to distance himself from Daman. After this happens, Rinku blackmails Teji by bringing up the past of her father. In response, Teji decides to take revenge on Rinku. When Rinku tries to shift the blame for the murder to Rishi, the phone technician who was working on Rishi’s phone gets Rishi off the hook when the video of the murder is found in Rishi’s backup files. Rinku attempts to shoot Rishi after this incident. Because it is such a cliffhanger, we don’t yet whether there is any sign of Rishi or hr’s dead?!

DSP Barun Gosh is approached by Koyal over the end of the show, and Koyal reveals that the office he killed abused young girls unmercifully. At the same time, Teji and Rinku have been planning mutual murder. This is where the first season left us. That is a big blow to the story.

What is the release date of the second season of Undekhi?

In a recent post, Applause Entertainment’s CEO called attention to a tasty pork belly dish he had, writing that he’s enjoying the meal with a tease of the release of season 2 coming soon to our screens in which Actor Surya Sharma replied and said that sir you’ve announced the premiere of Undekhi Season 2 with a delicious Pork Belly to which again Sameer replies and said that this both sinful and appropriate.

There hasn’t been any confirmation of when the event will take place, but as we now know from the recent post that it is around the corner. The entire cast of the show is phenomenal, such as Surya Sharma and Dibyendu Bhattacharya; fans are looking forward to seeing them.

SonyLiv Originals offers a thriller series for fans to watch.

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