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Disney Pixar Launched ‘Turning Red’ Trailer, Which Shows Anxious Teen Transform Into A Red Panda

First look at Pixar’s upcoming movie, Turning Red, which offers an unexpected twist to the animated coming-of-age comedy genre.

Disney Pixar releases a trailer and poster for Turning Red, their upcoming animated comedy offering a monster twist on the comedy formula. Domee Shi directed the short film Bao, the Oscar-winning Pixar short that was in competition with The Incredibles 2 before it screened. It was not until last year’s Disney Investor Day that the studio announced the movie was in production, following Shi’s first teaser after Bao’s release.

Introducing Mei Lee, a 13-year-old student who we meet in the new trailer for Turning Red. Her emotional life is filled with a wide range of feelings, such as those associated with love and loss. The emotions are endless: anger, humiliation, anxiety, fear, excitement. After her mother visits outside Mei Lee’s classroom window, Mei Lee takes the form of a panda. Almost any teenager would experience deadly levels of embarrassment after hearing such a travesty; however, Mei Lee survives the embarrassment. However, like a giant beast hopping across roofs, she does cause havoc across town.

Teenage life is hard enough as it is, especially when emotions run too high. But transforming into a large red panda when emotions run too high would be a much bigger challenge.

Rosie Chiang plays Mei Lee, who is accompanied by the Golden Globe winner, and Emmy nominee Sandra Oh playing her protective, but somewhat overbearing mother Ming. Pixar is building up anticipation for their next film, which is expected to arrive on Disney+ shortly after Luca became available.

Turning Red’s first teaser trailer and poster have been released just over six months after the film was first announced. In the video, Mei Lee, her overprotective mother Ming, and her bizarre transformation are seen in an intriguing version of Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life.”

The production of Turning Red is being handled by the Hollywood producer Lindsey Collins (Wall-E, Finding Dory). Moviegoers can expect it to hit the big screen next spring on March 11, 2022. It will be interesting to see what Turning red’s release next year looks like. In 2022, Pixar will release two movies, the other of which is Lightyear, a prequel to Toy Story.

Turning Red certainly seems to be Pixar’s most engaging effort yet. While the studio is known for pulling audience heartstrings with its stirring films, it has only recently expanded into the coming-of-age genre with Inside Out, Onward, and Luca. The director, Shi, is viewing his film as a refreshing break from formula and an original work unlike the recently completed project that resembled Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Call Me By Your Name’.

Turning Red won’t explain Mei Lee’s transformation, knowing how the Pixar films work. But, judging by Shi’s work in Bao, a film that won the Academy Award, exposition won’t be necessary since she has demonstrated her ability to tell a good story without engaging too much in the fantastical realism at the heart of it. As expected, Pixar’s stunning animation has been featured in the first trailer for the film, fueling excitement for its release next March.