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Mickey Guyton Talks About Upcoming Album ‘Remember Her Name’ – Everything To Know


Mickey Guyton is all set to release her debut studio album “Remember Her Name” on September 24, 2021. The rising star is an African-American country music artist, whose major childhood was spent in Texas. Later, Guyton moved to Nashville, Tennessee to build her career in Country music, where she signed a recording contract with Capitol Records Nashville.

Now, Capitol Records Nashville is all set to release Mickey Guyton’s debut “Remember Her Name” via its studio. Guyton is a huge talent, and it’s been six years since her single “Better Than You Left Me” got a release via Capitol studio. Her talent has been long overdue. Finally, the country music artist is set to release her debut studio album via the country studio. Mickey Guyton officially announced the release date of her debut studio album. Read to know all the details about the upcoming Mickey Guyton’s Remember Her Name here:

Mickey Guyton’s upcoming “Remember Her Name” all set to drop on the 24th of September,2021 :

The Grammy-nominated country music artist, Mickey Guyton is all set to drop her first full-length on the 24th of September, 2021. The studio album is the follow-up to Mickey’s third EP titled “Bridges“. The upcoming studio album “Remember Her Name” consists of 16 tracks, the majority of which are co-written by Mickey Guyton, herself. Out of the 16 tracks, Guyton co-wrote 15 of them. Her co-writers include Parker Welling, Victoria Banks, Jaden Michaels, and Karen Kosowski, who mainly produced the album.

Guyton’s tracks include her previous singles, an updated version of her “Better Than You Left Me” that came out in 2015, and 2019’s “What are you gonna tell her?”. Moreover, it also includes Mickey’s grammy nominated work “Black Like Me“. This even made Mickey Guyton, the first black female artist to get a nomination for Grammy’s in-country category. However, one of the tracks from the upcoming studio album also includes Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy“. Hurry up! Pre-order yours Guyton’s Remember Her Name, here.


The background of “Remember Her Name“, all the details of upcoming Guyton’s debut studio album:

Guyton’s Remember Her Name has an intriguing, but downhearted backstory related to it. In an interview, Mickey Guyton spoke about what this album means to her. She said that this studio album is the experience accumulation of her past ten years of life in Nashville, Tennessee. Moreover, she also said in a statement that this album is meant to make people feel self-empowered, cherished, happy, and comfortable with themselves. Remember Her Name is a culmination of the last 10 years of my life in Nashville. This album holds true to all of that. I hope everyone who listens finds something that connects and speaks to them.”

In Country Music Television, Guyton dedicated her “Remember Her Name” as a tribute to the memories of  Breonna Taylor. Taylor, who was 26 years old was a Black resident of Louisville, was shot dead by the Louisville Metro Police Department. She was in her apartment when the police officers forcibly entered her house in the investigation of a drug-dealing case. And later shot her dead in her own apartment.

Referring to all black lives, Guyton talked about her experience and frustration as a Black woman in the country. “So the song, and album, are dedicated to [Breonna Taylor] and giving her the justice that she deserves.” For instance, Mickey Guyton is the first Black Grammy-nominated artist in the category of country music. Moreover, her works often reflect her ethnicity. After that, even her upcoming studio album features her song “Black Like Me”, which she didn’t sell, but released free of cost on her Instagram account after George Floyd’s case, in 2020.

List of all 16 Tracks in the upcoming “Remember Her Name” :

  • Remember Her Name 
  • All American
  • Different 
  • Love My Hair 
  • Higher 
  • Dancing in the Living Room 
  • Do You Really Wanna Know 
  • Black Like Me 
  • Words 
  • What Are You Gonna Tell Her? 
  • Smoke 
  • Rose 
  • Indigo 
  • If I Were A Boy 
  • Better Than You Left Me ( Updated Version)