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The ‘Dexter’ Revival Will Feature Jennifer Carpenter As Dexter’s Sister – Release Date And Latest Updates

Sources close to the production confirmed to Variety that Jennifer Carpenter will appear in the upcoming revival of “Dexter”.

Dexter ran for eight seasons starting in 2006 and ending in 2013, during which time Carpenter played Deb Morgan. Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall, is Carpenter’s adopted sister, who was brutally killed at the conclusion of the series. There was no comment from Showtime regarding the casting.

Throughout the series, Carpenter played Debra, Dexter’s foster sister who worked as a homicide detective using his skills to solve crimes. A dramatic series finale ends with her death. In Season 4, Lithgow played Arthur Mitchell, the seemingly normal family man who turned out to be The Trinity Killer. At the end of season four, Dexter murdered him. In March, Carpenter posted a picture on the set of the upcoming Dexter revival, reinforcing speculation about his return.

During his working day on the revival of Dexter – “in fact, a whole afternoon”. -Lithgow described it as “a reimagining.”

It was announced in October that “Dexter” was to return for ten episodes, with Michael C. Hall reprising his role as the vigilante serial killer. A fall premiere is planned for the show, which is currently in production. Clyde Phillips, the showrunner for the original series, has also been invited back for the revival. Morgan’s new adversary, Clancy Brown, has also been previously reported. Kurt Caldwell is the main villain of the comeback as he is the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake.

Dexter (original star Michael C. Hall) disappeared in Hurricane Laura 10 years ago. Showtime’s 10-episode revival covers the period. Having retreated from Miami by taking on an assumed name in Upstate New York, the character now lives in Upstate New York. Clyde Phillips, who was the original showrunner of the series until leaving in season four to begin work on a new project, will return as showrunner. In addition to Phillips and Hall, John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, Scott Reynolds, and Marcos Siega will executive produce. Siega will direct six of the 10 episodes.

In a sense, the revival represents a continuation of Dexter, but not a complete revival. Hall’s Dexter abandoned his former life as a police detective halfway through the series and went on solitary exile as a lumberjack in Oregon for the series finale in 2013, an episode that became one of television’s most controversial series finales in recent years. It’s not just Carpenter who is coming back from the dead, Dexter’s favorite John Lithgow is also returning as the Trinity Killer, whom Phillips played in her last season with Dexter. The Dexter update is not planning to rewrite the show’s canon as other recent revivals (Roseanne, Will & Grace) did. Carpenter and Lithgow will likely appear in flashback scenes. Another departed character from Dexter might make a return as well, but that remains to be seen.

As well as Clancy Brown as the series’ primary villain, Julia Jones plays the town’s police chief, Alano Miller as a high school wrestling coach and Johnny Sequoyah as the chief’s daughter, and Jack Alcott as Randall, who Dexter encounters.

A fall premiere is planned for the show.