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Fans Are Upset As Harry Styles Cancels Concert Shows In Canada – Read To Know The Reason Behind

Famous Singer Harry Styles once again came in news after when he silently canceled his concert shows in Canada. Since the news came openly his Canadian fans backfired him. Several serious allegations were made against him after his Canada concerts cancellation.

Harry Styles recently released his updated concert list. While earlier he scheduled to do his concert shows in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal later this year. But in the new list, there were no names of the Canadian cities.

After seeing this modification in his tour, fans became frustrated. Several hashtags and tweets started to trend on various social media sites. A total of 40 dates were decided for the concerts but in the newest list fans did not find any name from Canada.

Earlier His Concerts Were Scheduled For Three Canadian Cities

As we all know that the “Watermelon Crush” singer Harry Styles announced for a tour earlier this year. After his announcement, a schedule was also released which showed shows in the Canadian cities too. According to the previous list, it mentioned a show in Vancouver on August 16 and a show in Toronto on September 28 and 29. Besides these two cities, Montreal was also mentioned in the list which would have a concert on October 20.

After this announcement, his Canadian fans were enlightened with joy. But the new announcement has saddened them. According to the new schedule, there will be no show in Canada whereas the Toronto date show will be replaced by a stop in Nashville.

Although his fans became unhappy and showed their grief through social media. Most of them have a say that they have already pre-booked the tickets for the shows and their excitement was at the top. But after these new dates and schedules, they are literally shattered.

Harry Styles Cancels His Concerts Looking On The Present Situations

On the other hand, Harry also has his say. He posted a tweet on Twitter that wrote “As always, the well-being of my fans, band, and crew is my top priority.” As every country has imposed several different guidelines regarding the entry of citizens from other countries.

Canada also has imposed strict guidelines and the U.S.- Canada border is still closed. Harry has taken account and looked into all the circumstances and the conditions. Most of the artists are also postponing their events and tours in Canada. As because of the strict guidelines and provoked no. of COVID-19 cases it will become difficult for them.

Former ONE Direction Member Styles is also unhappy due to these circumstances. But looking at the present conditions this was the only and best solution to this provoked problem. Moreover, he also issued another statement through his record label Columbia. It states, “in compliance with global COVID-19 guidelines, international tour dates are not possible at this time.”

But besides this tragic news, you must be happy to know that Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, and several other star singers are going to organize a music concert soon. You must read more about this news here.