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Did Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Secretly Got Married In Vegas? Fans Speculate From Instagram Posts

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, the rumors of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s marriage have been circulating since the couple’s recent trip to Vegas. The fans were going awe on the duo’s recent PDA- filled photos from the sin city. The couple posted several blurry romantic photos with cheesy captions after their Las Vegas trip on their social media.

Well, after one of the close acquaintances dropped hints through the couple’s romantic snaps from Vegas, the fans were quick to guess that the couple tied the knot in Vegas. Keeping Up With The Kardashian fame Kourtney seems very happy in her current relationship with Travis Barker. The couple is so much into each other and happy. So, how true is their Vegas wedding rumors? Did they really say “I do” to one another? Read to know more about the circulating Vegas wedding rumors of Kourtney and Travis.

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker:

The Truth behind Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Vegas wedding: All You need to know, what happened in Vegas?

There’s no doubt that Kourtney Kardashian, 42, and Travis Barker,45 are madly into each other. Their latest candid Las Vegas full-PDA-filled photos have created a buzz on Instagram. Moreover, when Kourtney’s hairstylist and Travis’s daughter also shared their romantic trip snaps, it gave a further blow to the rumors of the Vegas wedding. Well, it seems that all these romantic Vegas weddings are just rumors and nothing is true about it.

The sources from the Kardashian family reportedly wiped off all the circulating buzz about the Vegas weddings. They said that although the couple is in love, they are not yet wedded. The source even said that if that the couple would have been married, the news would never be told by someone in Kourtney’s beauty squad. Well, we need to wait for someone’s in the family or Kourtney Kardashian herself to break the news of her wedding next time. And it somehow makes more sense! “Kourtney and Travis didn’t get married in Las Vegas and if they had, it wouldn’t have been announced through someone in her glam squad,”.

Further, the source also confirmed that although the couple is not yet married, however, we might think about considering it. The source that it’s Kourtney, who never wanted to get married after her parent’s on-off-divorce relationship. But this time, it feels that she is ready to take another step in her relationship.

How did Kourtney-Travis’s Vegas Wedding rumors get a blow? All you need to know about their latest Las Vegas Trip:

The couple recently had a blast in the sin city, Las Vegas! Both Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker shared candid blurry PDA photos from their trip. Kourtney captioned it ” What happens in Vegas”. However, when Kourtney’s hairstylist Glen Coco shared the pictures of the couple, it started the fans’ speculations on their weddings. Glen Coco captioned the photos, “ …NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas 💒🥲🖤 There’s nothing like love AND a good time 🥳 “, with the emojis that attracted the fans attention. The emojis included a church and even an engagement ring! However, later Glen changed the ring emojis into a black heart emoji. Check Out the post here:


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Later that day, Travis Barker’s daughter Alabama,15 also shared the photos of the couple on her IG story. She mentioned both Kourtney and Travis, with the caption ” So happy for you! Guys”. Well, it added fuel to all the flying rumors on the couple’s secret wedding in the sin city. And we can’t blame them.

Kourtney and Travis have been friends for a long time. And it’s not even a full year, since they started dating each other. Although, they both look madly in love and happy with each other’s presence in their life. The couple is currently focused on raising their kids. Kourtney Kardashian shares three kids with her former relationship with Scott Disick. While Travis Barker has one son and one daughter with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler.