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Karen Gillian Starrer Gunpowder Milkshake Storyline And Ending Explained

Gunpowder Milkshake is another action-packed movie for the lovers of this genre. Makers of this movie have done a tremendous job to create several action scenes and plotted the storyline of this movie in an unimaginable way. While the film received mixed reviews from the critics but then also it was watched by several people on the online streaming platform Netflix.

The story of this amazing film revolves around a girl called Sam. She goes through several tragic dilemmas after her mother left her when she was just 12 years old. Her mother used to work as a contract killer and thus to protect her daughter from upcoming consequences and other effects she left Sam.

Sam’s Amazing Journey As A Contract Killer

But soon, Sam also finds that she is also on the same way as her mother used to walk. Sam also starts working for a firm that assigns contract kills. Later, she comes to know that her mother also used to work for the same firm. While on the other hand, Nathan who works as the HR in the above-mentioned agency took care of Sam for 15 years.

Nathan promised her mother to take care of Sam. But as the situation escalates he starts to provide several contracts to Sam. But here he chooses his customers rather than the personal promises. He makes one thing clear to Sam that the money is a more important priority than her own well-being and that’s how the agency operates.

Another twist comes in Sam’s life when she accidentally hits the bullet on a man who stole cash from the agency. He stole the cash to protect her young daughter from the kidnappers. But in an accident, Sam hits Emily’s father but she becomes successful to protect her from the kidnappers.

Sam’s Mother Was Watching Her Since Her Early Age

In her journey to protect Emily Sam meets three other contract killers named Anna May, Florence, and Madeleine. After knowing each other’s disguises and griefs they all become friends and start to help each other.

After protecting Emily, another consequence was already lined up for Sam. Nathan comes to know that earlier Sam killed Jim McAlister’s son in a contract. Jim is also a player in this industry. He also operates a criminal syndicate that takes contracts to kill people.

His son was present at the wrong place and as a result, while Sam was fighting with her enemies she also killed him. Nathan thought that Jim will become his enemy so he gave him Sam’s location and her identity. After confirming Sam, Jim’s men attacked her.

But somehow with the help of Emily and her three friends whom she met earlier, she somehow escalates the situation. Later, Sam comes to know that her mother Scarlet was watching her from an early age. And she also provides her with residence and protects her from Nathan and Jim.

With so much intense drama and incidents, this film becomes worth watching. Whereas it has also been confirmed that the second part of this much-awaited movie will be released soon as the product is already started. Till then stay connected with us.