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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Ending Explained – Will We Get A Season 3 Of The Netflix Series?

Never Have I Ever presents one of the best plots that determines the presence of the youth generation throughout it. Netflix has done an amazing job with this comedy-drama series. Moreover, the series is a must-watch intellectual drama for the new coming generations.

And to more surprise, it throws light on some of the not-shown fields in the media. It shows how a girl struggles through her social as well as personal life during her teenage. She gets to see various serious issues and conflicts which led to new upliftments in her character.

Never Have I Ever Features The India-American Girl Devi As Its Main Character

Never Have I Ever portrays the character of a teenage girl named Devi Vishwakumar. Devi is one of the most popular kids in the school. But she has to face serious consequences in her life after the death of her father. Her mental life becomes shattered after this tragic incident. On the other hand, she also tries to balance her relationship with her friends.

Devi being an Indian-American student faces several turns in her personal life after she gets into a relationship with her high school crush Paxton. While on the other hand, she also locks lips with her rival Ben too. Devi faces a serious halt in her relationship with her mother. Meanwhile, her cousin Kamla also empowers her.

As we have seen that the starting of Season 2 Devi is found kissing Ben by her mother. While there was an emotional sentiment as the last rituals were going for Devi’s father. After finding her daughter kissing, Nalini asks Devi “if she’ll also have sex on top of her mother’s grave when she dies?”

But on the other hand, Devi goes to clarify things to her mother. But deep inside she becomes happy after kissing Ben. Now she starts to distinguish between Ben and Paxton. Devi’s mother also plans to move back to India with their relatives and start new lives there.

Paxton Becomes The Devi’sBoyfriend At The End Of Season 2

But suddenly things again escalates in Devi’s life. As Ben stops talking with her and Paxton does not agree to justify any relationship between them. Things become worse when school management suspends Devi for her tragic behaviour and accuses her of spreading baseless rumours about her classmate Aneesa.

Devi also comes to know that her mother, Nalini is having an affair with her office friend. Meanwhile, due to some reasons their trip to India also get cancelled. After knowing about her mother’s affair Devi becomes more jealous and frustrated with her mother.

As we have told you earlier things change dramatically in this fantastic and awesome series. This happens again during the High school dance show. As after seeing other couples Paxton realises his fault and pursue Devi for dance and they both emerged as a couple for the first time in school.

Whereas, Ben becomes awestruck after seeing both of them together. But soon realises his fault when Devi’s friend tells him that earlier she wanted to pursue him as her boyfriend. As season 2 clears that Paxton becomes the boyfriend of Devi but still some new twists are waiting for Miss Devi in her upcoming life.