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Is Sequel Of The Power Rangers Movie Going To Hit The Theatres Soon? Read To Know More About It

Power Rangers have ruled the hearts of people since its early starting. Several movies and series have shown them fighting with different evils and monsters since its involvement. Power Rangers have seen involvement and development of more than 28 seasons. The power rangers have come so far that they are treated and seen as a mighty source of entertainment.

Since its release in 1993, several new characters and cast were employed as time passes. But the legacy of this super entertaining show was never in danger. After its release in 1993, a movie based on Power Rangers was released in the year of 1995. It was titled “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Power Rangers Initial Start

In 1995 Power Rangers became successful to rule the hearts. And hence the movie became a blockbuster in its initial days only. While one who wants to watch this movie, he or can open Disney+ any time to see the full legacy of the initial time of the Power Rangers. After its release, other movies were also released in 1997 and 2017.

But the latest edition of the Power Rangers Movie came back in the year 2017. Producers also entitled it another name and it was also known as Saban’s Power Rangers. 

After 2017 almost 4 years have been passed and fans are eagerly waiting for any sequel or reboot of the movie. But all they discover is only disappointment. As there is no official announcement for any sequel of the Power Ranger movie.

Unlike the previous movies of the Power Rangers, the edition of the power rangers movie that came in 2017 was not so much success in the film market. Due to its poor performance and fewer revenue makers canceled the plans for the sequel or any reboot of this movie. And that’s why we have not seen any Power Rangers movie after 2017.

If we talk about the storyline of the Power Rangers movie then we may listen to or see a group of teenagers fighting with several new demons and evils in the world. While these teenagers have special abilities to convert themselves into rangers, and they have unimaginable and tremendous powers. With the help of these power sources, they protect the world from the eyes of evils.

Power Rangers Movie Sequel Is In Talks

Till now several seasons of the power rangers are released but only some of them resemble similar to each other. Most of them have different casts and characters as soon as the season changes. Their stories are also not tied. Power Rangers work on a different and new story in every season.

If we talk about the latest updates about any reboot or sequel of the Power Rangers movie then you should know that a reboot of the movie is in current talks. According to our sources and several other reports, Jonathan Entwistle is all set to direct and create a sequel to the movie.

Most probably the sequel will be set in early 1990. And it will resemble similar to the starting era of Power Rangers. It is also acknowledged that Bryan Edward Hill is hired to write the script for the sequel of the Power Rangers Movie.