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Kanye West New Album To Come Out Soon, Or At Least That’s What Rumors Say Through Justin Laboy’s Tweets

The new and exciting news comes for the fans of Kanye West. While all his fans were desperately waiting for his appearance in a new album or song their expectations are going to be complete soon. As rumors have spread widely that Kanye West is all set to release a new album in the upcoming days.

Excitation becomes more powerful when rumors were spread regarding an exclusive listening event for the record being held in Las Vegas. The rumors started to work as fire among the fans and fellow people. His fans became crazy on social media after they come to know about this event. Several hashtags and tweets started to trend just within certain hours.

All these rumors and expectations were raised after the famous internet personality and influencer, Justin Laboy came up with a series of tweets and social media posts. First of all, he came up with a tweet and said that the West will be releasing a new album soon.

Justin Laboy Posted Several Tweets Referring To The New Album Of Kanye West

Laboy also acclaimed that the famous rapper Kanye played the Claims of West’s new album being close to release first came from internet personality Justin Laboy, who said that the rapper played the album for both him and professional basketball player Kevin Durant over the weekend.

In a tweet, Justin wrote, “the production is light years ahead of its time, and the bars sound like he’s broke & hungry trying to get signed again. Any artist who plans on dropping soon should just push it back.”

But his claims became more serious and justified when he posted a photo. He referred to this photo as West playing the album in front of him and Durant. The three-star personalities were seen sitting in this alleged photo.

Afterward, Laboy also acclaimed that the new album of Kanye West will be released this week. “Kanye West album is really done. When it drops this week, we probably not going to listen to anything else for a while.” he wrote in his next tweet.

Kanye West Started To Trend On Social Media Sites

After Laboy’s tweets began to trend at the top, Kanye West’s fans were no longer in grief. They started to circulate this news as much as they can. This also became a hot topic on social media. And due to which Kanye West’s name also started to trend in the top list.

After these alleged tweets several other people shared different photos online. Some people referred to these photos as outside of the listening center of West’s Album. Despite common people, several other star personalities also joined the trend and started to talk about the album of Kanye West.

Apart from all these allegations, tweets, and rumors, there was no official announcement from Kanye’s side. We can not become fully assured for any upcoming album of West. Till there is an official announcement from his side this cannot be confirmed.

But you must not be worried about any case. We will update this page as soon as we will get any further news regarding this new album. Till then stay connected with us.