Somos Season 2 Netflix Release Date: Latest Updates And News For You

The Mexican original series, Somos released on 30 June 2021 is amongst the most popular Netflix series in the world.
 This series received tremendous popularity with only six episodes, so much so that fans are already requesting a second season.

This series is based on an investigative article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson, combined with the writing skills of Oscar-nominated writer, James Schamus, (for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) dramatized into a realistic and captivating piece of cinema.

It’s a given that fans are loving it!


Somos depicts a 2011 mass killing in Allende (Mexico), where gangs in retaliation against infiltration by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) massacred many in the town, that were suspected of betrayal. 
Directed by Álvaro Curiel and Mariana Chenillo, with cinematography by Ignacio Prieto.
The various scenes fit together and showcase the everyday life of the residents of this small town, just before tragedy struck them.
The show is unique in the sense, as it portrays the life of ordinary people, not some main character, and also features many women as the lead.
While we don’t know much about the next season, details of the release date and more are below.

How many seasons of Somos are available

This series only has one season currently available. The first season consists of six episodes. Even though there are only 6 episodes, they are very engaging and a treat to watch.

Will season 2 of Somos come out?

Netflix has yet to release any news about Somos season 2, neither canceling nor renewing the series. 

There is still a chance the series could return with season 2 due to the inconclusive ending and the massive fanbase the show has garnered.

Season 1 ended with some questions unanswered and also opened several ways the series could proceed.

Release Date of Somos Season 2

Although Season 1 was a huge hit, with an IMDb score of 7.2, there have not been any updates on Season 2.
 Netflix generally releases updates on subsequent seasons within three months of their release, and there is still some time left.

But unfortunately, due to the lack of any news from the creator of Netflix, we may have to wait much longer for the new season. 

The possibility of the new season arriving this year is almost zero,
and that we will most likely need to wait until late 2022 or even 2023 to see it on Netflix.

The cast of season 2

If we talk about the cast for the second season of Somos, the creator has not confirmed anything yet.
 However, chances are that the team may replace several members and only time will tell who will be starring in the next season.
 This will give the second season a more refreshing look.
 Yet, chances are Kerry Ardra, Everardo Arzate and Iliana Donatlán will return for season 2 of this Netflix original.

The number of episodes in Season 2.

Although the new season of Somos is unlikely to come anytime soon, the season will likely either have six (the same as Season 1) or even a lesser number of episodes.

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