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Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald Welcome Their 4th Little One – Read To Know Latest Updates

It’s the fourth bundle of joy for the reality show ‘Counting On’ star Jessa Seewald! The television personality welcomed her fourth baby with her husband, Ben Seewald, with whom she also shares three children- Ivy, Spurgeon, and Henry Seewald. Congratulations poured in the comments section of the Instagram post she shared, making the big announcement.

She and Ben met at a church when their families were on a vacation in Northwestern Arkansas. Jessa, who has also co-authored with her sisters, has shared exclusive details of Baby Seewald #4’s birth story through a 10-minute long YouTube clip. The video is most predictably a 2-part series. The thumbnail of the uploaded first part has Jessa in tears while holding her baby. The second part is expected to be released soon.

Early birth preparations

The video starts off with a date stamp of 13th July where she mentions how her contractions have been like lately. It proceeds with her showing her already packed maternity bag and bags for her kids since they will need to go to their grandma’s house at the time of the baby’s delivery. Jessa adds that although it seems a little early for all the preparations as her due date (17th July) is three days away, doing things early makes sense because her previous births had been 5 days and week-and-a-half days early.

“Runk” & “Brunk”

She then asks her three kids if they have some name suggestions and prompts them to try and guess the baby’s gender. Henry and Spurgeon suggest the names “Runk” and “Brunk. When Jessa asks them if they’ve ever heard of someone with that name, Henry says that he just thought of it in his head and Spurgeon adds that this should be the reason to make those names a winner. Although the boys seemed to have their hearts set on having a baby brother, Jessa tried to explain to them that God had already chosen if they will have a baby sister or brother and that whatever the gender of the baby turns out to be, they should be grateful to the Lord. Jessa shares how she and Ben have been struggling to find a name that amazes them for some time now. They think they’ve found a suitable first name, but the middle name is still in question.

The Big Day!

On the next day in the vlog, she mentions the doctor’s appointment she went to earlier that day and shares that everything looks good. She reveals that she’s been killing time by simply lying on the couch, playing Go Fish with her kids, and drinking Bubbly. She also adds that she felt some contractions during the brisk walk she went on that morning in the hope to get things moving a bit but nothing extremely noteworthy.  At 3:15 in the morning on 18th July, which happens to be a day past her due date, she mentions having contractions that are 10-minutes apart. The same day she arrives at the hospital at 3:25 pm when her contractions happen to be 3-minutes apart and that is where the first part of the video ends.

Watch the first part here: