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Kanye West Announced The Release Date For His Much Awaited Album, DONDA – And Fans Can’t Be More Excited

Finally, the wait of the fans is over. Following several rumors about the release date of Kanye West’s much-awaited album, DONDA  will be released this week. Recently the promo of the album was launched which featured athlete Sha’Carri Richardson in it. Whereas it is considered and called that the album is edited by Kanye himself.

On the other hand, the involvement of Sha’Carri in this short video also gazed several eyes on it. As she was the main topic of talks for the past few weeks. Recently she was tested positive for taking marijuana and this also led to her suspension in Tokyo Olympics.

Her suspension from the Tokyo Olympics was a great loss for her as well as for the whole country. Sha’Carri was facing a hard time since her suspension from Olympics as she was having a dream target for it. Due to this decision, several fingers were also hinted at the Olympics association as the various other sports leagues have worked towards the rules for this type of substance.

DONDA‘s First Look Features American Athlete Sha’Carri Richardson

But after all these several allegations and decisions the fastest runner of America is going to break all the records through featuring in Kanye’s album. The Beats by Dre promotional ad is something that says everything. The ad video says, “Whether she’s breaking records or the traditional athlete mold, Sha’Carri’s journey in the global spotlight is only just beginning,”

This minute-long promotional ad by Beats by Dre features the new song titled “No Child Left Behind.” This song is going to be one of the songs from the album DONDA.

Just after this ad video, several announcements were also made by different star personalities. Famous and renowned french musician Gesaffelstein also stated that he will be a part of this highly anticipated album. His involvement in the song is another soothing effect for the fans worldwide.

Apple Music Will Livestream The Listening Event Of DONDA

Following the ad commercial video, Def Jam Recordings confirmed that the album, DONDA will be released this upcoming Friday i.e July 23. Following the release date of the album, Apple Music is also all set to rock the stage and entertain the fans through a global live stream listening event. The listening event will take place in Atlanta.   

After all these rumors fans were going crazy to know about any official announcement regarding the album release date. Now they have sighted a sigh of relief after the announcement regarding the new album DONDA. Kanye West has named this album on the name of his mother. He immediately started working seriously on this album just after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.