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Martin Kahan Passes Away At The Age Of 74 – Reason Behind Legendary Music Video Director’s Death

Heartbreaking news comes for the old classic music listeners. Famous and renowned music video director Martin Kahan passes away at the age of 74. Martin was a well-established artist in the music industry during the 90s era. He was well known for his work in hard rock acts like KISS, Bon Jovi, Rush, and Mötley Crüe.

A golden era comes to an end after the demise of Martin Kahan. He was struggling through the deadly disease Cancer. Several media reports and police authorities confirmed that Martin Kahan died on Sunday, July 18. He was living in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Martin’s Friend Shared An Brief Statement After His Demise

Martin was an inspirational personality for several music video directors. His name was associated with several hits in the music industry. His various music videos gained top positions at Billboard.

A reputed newspaper site has shared a brief statement from the longtime friend of Martin. “In his final years in Lakewood, Kahan never stopped theorizing about country music’s gradual downsizing of its promo video output, and how he could work his way back into the fold.” Martin’s friend Arthur Levy stated in his statement.

Martin faced several ups and downs in his career. He was very concerned regarding his work. He gazed at several unexpected works throughout his career. The legendary music video director was born in New York in 1947. Martin has done some amazing and fantastic works to mainstay and dived deeper into the ocean of music.

Martin received several appreciations for his works when he cut his teeth during a video. At that time he was promoting the Canadian rock music album Rush. He also used to edit live clips for Tom Sawyer, Freewill, and Limelight.

A Non- Ending List Of The Martin’s Notable And Highly Appreciated Music Videos

Martin received his breakthrough in the music industry when Columbia Records offered him an amazing opportunity in 1983. He was offered to direct the music video for Scandal’s single song titled ‘Love’s Got A Line On You.’

After that single Kahan never looked back in his career. He achieved several new heights as the music video became intensively popular. Whereas in that same year in 1983 he also received a nomination for the MTV Music Awards. He was nominated for his notable work in Ian Hunter’s single ‘All Of The Good Ones Are Taken.’

Martin Kahan also cracked several super hits apart from the above-mentioned titles. He received several other notable award titles throughout his music career. His iconic music video for Bon Jovi in ‘In And Out Of Love and ‘She Don’t Know Me’ was one of the most important turns in his career.

Apart from all these he furthermore created the first-ever video which featured KISS sans makeup. He featured in the singles titled as ‘Lick It Up’ and ‘All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose.’

The list of the music videos created by Martin will never come to an end. His other notable works include some of the country gems in the list. Whereas He also worked with some of the major star personalities during the 1990 era which included f Emmylou Harris, Hank Williams Jr., and Alan Jackson.