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Eminem Daughter Hailie Jade Posted A Rare Photo With Her Boyfriend And Says She Is Happy With Him

The Rap God has three daughters, One is biologically his, while the other two were adopted. Alaina Marie Mathers(27) is the oldest whereas Whitney Scott Mathers(18) is the youngest of three sisters. Haile Jade Scott Mathers(25) is the only biological child of Eminem. The three sisters usually keep their private lives out of social media and it’s a wonder how they did that, despite being the daughters of the greatest rapper alive. This runs in their family, as Eminem himself never uses Social Media (despite having over 30 million followers). So it came as a surprise to many when Hailie Mathers uploaded a photo with her boyfriend on Instagram. Want to know more about this issue, READ ON!!

Why All This Fuss?

One might ask, why all this commotion over a single picture on social media. What’s the big deal, everyone does that! But when Hailie Jade, who doesn’t show too much of her personal life online, shares a rare photo of herself and her boyfriend Evan, it becomes a big deal. Eminem adores his daughters. But, in his case, even the word overprotective is an understatement. Every Eminem fan is aware of his legendary rap battles with Ja-Rule, Machine Gun Kelly, and others, who made the mistake of taking Hailie Jade’s name in their songs.


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Haile Jade’s Life

Hailie, 25, is Eminem and Kim Scott’s (Eminem’s ex-wife) only child and the person Eminem loves the most. According to Eminem, Hailie was the inspiration for many of his tracks and even featured in the track My Dad’s Gone Crazy. Even though she started dating Evan McClintock 6 years ago, not much is known about them as they keep everything under wraps. She also uploads motivational posts and her abilities as a fitness instructor are exceptional. During the lockdown, she decided to help everyone get in shape by sharing her daily routines and uploading exercise videos.

What Does Hailie Jade do For a Living?

She is now an influencer and her Net worth stands at $1 million, a result of capitalizing on her near-million followers. Even though her father is Eminem, she has never used his name for publicity but worked hard to build her brand and following. Hailie always had a passion for the makeup and beauty industry, instead of following in her super-star father’s footsteps. Hailie Mathers also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and unlike her dad, she completed college with flying colors.

Hailie’s Relationship

She is in a long-term relationship with McClintock and enjoys her time with him.

Even though they have dated for more than 6 years, they aren’t many pictures of them together on social media. The pair has no kids and it doesn’t look like they plan to tie the knot anytime soon.

Both of them seem happy with each other’s company, and it looks like Hailie is happy with her life.

Eminem even spoke about Evan on a podcast and seemed fine with the guy dating his little princess. He also seemed very proud of her achievements and choices.