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Kim Kardashian Does Twinning With Kanye West In The Listening Event Of The DONDA

Rapper Kanye West finally performed his much-awaited album DONDA last night. The streaming event was held at the famous Mercedes-Benz Stadium situated in Atlanta. Foremost, the stadium was fully packed with the audience and they have praised a lot Kanye West for his new album.

But apart from the audience and their craze another thing that attracted everyone was the presence of Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Kanye was present in the listening event with her sister Khloe Kardashian and her friend Jonathan Cheban. Her presence in the stadium was much appreciated as she was there to support her friend and ex-husband Kanye.

Kim And Kanye Surprised The Audience With Their Similar Red Outfits

Moreover, she also paired the same outfit as Kanye was wearing. She stunned the crowd with her gorgeous appearance and the overall combination of the outfit. All the four children of Kim and Kanye were also present there. The listening event was pretty interesting as it turned out to be a family reunion too.

Kim was cheering for Kanye loudly in the stadium. She was having the same excitement as a die heart fan of Kanye will have. After the listening event ended she and her sister shared some of the glimpses from the event on their respective social media handles.

Both Kim and Kanye appeared in the event with red-colored outfits. It seemed that they have pre-planned the appearance of their outfits on the release of the DONDA. While it was seen that Kim was wearing a Red Jumpsuit which stunned her overall appearance. She paired up her dress with the matching red boots which had a sparkled heel. On the other hand, Kanye gazed at the sight of people with his red snowsuit. He paired his suit with the Yeezy boots.

All this coordination between the ex-couple says everything about their mutual understandings towards each other. Both are happy parents to their four children and moreover, they are trying to impart good understandings and behavior in their children.

Kanye's Red Outfit In The Listening Event Of DONDA

The Couple Reunites At Several Occasions For The Sake Of Their Children

Kanye also hinted about his relationship with his family in one of the tracks. In a track titled “Love Unconditionally,” he added several lyrics about the family. He added, “I’m losing my family / I’m losing my family / I’m losing my family.”

All these repeated lyrics show his concern about her divorce from Kanye and his unconditional love towards his children and family. As we know that the title of the album is taken from Kanye’s late mother. The track also included Kanye’s mother’s words which sounded, “No matter what you never abandon your family.”

Several close relatives of Kim and Kanye acclaimed that the divorce was the only difference in the thoughts between their relationship. But then also both share mutual understandings to each other and respect each other a lot. It is reported that Kanye has shared these lyrics with Kim and she agreed to sing the song in the live event of DONDA.

Earlier it was also reported that Kanye and Kim took their children to Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and they all have spent a good time there. All these incidents tell us about the love of Kanye towards his children.

Kim And Kanye With Their Children