At A Distance, Spring Is Green Season 2: Release Date Confirmed? Will It Get Renewed? Get Every Update Here

South Korean television series, At a Distance, Spring Is Green is a 2021 Slice-of-life based on a webtoon of the same name. It is one of most the popular Korean dramas in 2021, and the first episode premiered on Mondays at 21:30 (KST) on June 14, 2021,  replacing Youth of May. This KBS2. coming of age series was directed by producing director (PD) Kim Jung-Hyun and written by screenwriter Ko Yeon-soo. The series was a commercial success, as fans across the globe loved it. The series also has a separate fanbase, just for its Original soundtrack. The Soundtrack album was released under Kakao Entertainment and produced by Victory Contents. It features tracks like Spring Spring Spring (by Punch), Talk to me(by Park Ji-hoon). Is At a Distance, Spring Is Green Season 2 planned?  Premiere date? Want to keep up with New Updates? Then continue reading

A Quick Synopsis

At a Distance, Spring Is Green is a Korean coming-of-age drama, that takes place on a university campus rev0lving around youth in their 20s. We follow the daily life of  Yeo Jun (played by Park Ji-hoon) a freshman at Myeongil University. He is a model student, having a perfect image in front of his peers, has a pleasant personality, has a wealthy family, has good looks, and is over-performing. But all of this is a facade, as he has another side of his life he wants to hide. During a group project, he meets Nam Soo-Hyun (Bae In-hyuk) and Kim So-bin (Kang Min-ah), both 3rd-year students in his department.  Both of them have very different personalities compared to Yeo Jun. Neither of them comes from a rich background and has a different and unique attitude towards their respective lives. They quickly become friends, forming an unlikely, odd trio.

How many seasons of At A Distance, Spring Is Green are available?

At A Distance, Spring Is Green, starring Park Ji-hoon, only has one season with 12 episodes, currently available to stream internationally on Viki and iQiyi. This Kdrama’s first season began on June 14, 2021, and concluded on July 20, 2021. The first season had an average audience share of 2% in Korea.

At A Distance, Spring Is Green Season 2, Is It Happening?

The drama, At a Distance, Spring Is Green completed its first season earlier this week on Tuesday (20 July). Even though the drama was adapted from the original webtoon, it was a different series altogether. The fans hoping for a second season might get what they wanted as the season finale left us with hopes of Season 2. The season ended without giving closure to some relationships ( such as Soo Hyun and Young Ran), So there are chances of getting a new season. However, the production team has not made any official statement regarding the second season of At a Distance, Spring Is Green. The fans need not worry, as production houses generally take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to announce the upcoming season of the new series. The good news for fans is that all episodes on iQiyi will be available for free on July 27th.

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