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Feels Like Ishq Season 2: Will Netflix Renew The Show For Another Season? Everything To Know

Netflix’s latest release ‘Feels Like Ishq’ is basically a Bollywood romance drama. The web series imparts more realistic views about love and romance in youth and the new generations. This web series portrays the true meaning of love and joy apart from those cringy filmy dialogues and stories.

This series depicts the storyline of six different people and their unexpected journey of finding their true soulmate or romance. The Feels Like Ishq series imparts some mutual behavior and understanding relationship between the couples. It focuses on the idea that both sides should work equally on their relationship to make it work.

Due to its new idea and storyline audience is watching this web series a lot. It is one of the recently trending web series in India. As its new plot focuses on the realism of the current generation so youth is much attracted to this web series. The first season of Feels Like Ishq was premiered on Netflix on July 23.

The New Concept And Storyline Of ‘Feels Like Ishq’

The audience really admired the new concept and storyline which was introduced in this web series. The series just starts and portrays its refreshing ideas quite in a very polite and simple way. There are no utilized or unnecessary scenes and shots in this web series and this makes the series quite enjoyable to watch.

But apart from the storyline and its simple representation fans are upset with the performance of some artists in this web series. Some characters need to be finished really sharp but there is no glow in their performance. But after all the web series promises a complete package of entertainment to you. And yes exactly fans are really excited to know about the second season of this series. And yes, of course, we are here to take you deeper into the news about the second season of Feels Like Ishq. All you have to do is just stick with us and reach out till the end of this article.

Cast Of The Feels Like Ishq And Updates About Its Season 2

The cast of the first season of Feels Like Ishq contains some of the famous names from Bollywood. While makers have also tried some new faces in this series. The prominent names and main stars from the cast of Feels Like Ishq are Radhika Madan, Amol Parashar, Neeraj Madhav. Zayn Marie Khan, Rohit Saraf, Simran Jehani, and Saba Azad also appear in the first season of Feels Like Ishq.

The first season premiered a total number of six episodes which showed a new story in each one. While the characters symbolize love for their counterparts in each episode. Twists and turns make new upliftments and downfalls in their journey to pursue love.

As we know that the six episodes of the first season have a running time of 25-30 minutes each. The makers have portrayed the severe delicacies towards love through the series. But Netflix has not yet announced any future possibility of the Feels Like Ishq.

But after receiving so much appreciation the makers will soon find a way for the second season of ‘Feels Like Ishq.’ We will update this page as soon as we will receive any further information about the second season of ‘Feels Like Ishq.’