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Gangs of London Season 2 Halts Production Because Of Covid Attack On Set – New Release Date And Latest Updates

British crime-drama Gangs of London, networked by Sky Atlantic and produced by Pulse Films and Sister, is the latest to join the already long list of television shows and movies whose production and shootings have been negatively affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. As COVID cases continue to soar in the United Kingdom, productions taking place in the country remain to be put in a disadvantageous position.

The show isn’t the only one in this situation

Previously, it was reported that Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton had to pause its production for the second time now. House of Dragons, which is the prequel to the widely-known Game Of Thrones, just resumed its shooting after a brief halt, and the movie adaptation of the play Matilda too is a part of productions that have met with this unfortunate fate. A spokesperson of the production team informed Variety that they are putting the safety of everyone as their number 1 priority at the moment. The production of season 2 is now halted for at least 10 days and members of the cast and crew are in self-isolation.

Gangs of London explores the darkest sides of the underworld

Created by Gareth Evans, who is also known for his work in The Raid, and Matt Flannery, Gangs of London follows a story where London is under the subjugation by several international gangs who have created a state of dystopia, instability, and unrest in the city. More havoc makes its way to everyone’s lives when the head of the family of London’s most powerful and influential gang is assassinated. Now the responsibility of finding his father’s murderer and carry on the traditional powers of his clan rests on Finn Wallace’s (played by Colm Meaney) son, Sean Wallace (played by Joe Cole) while he takes help and guidance from Ed Dumani (played by Lucian Msamati), the head of the Dumani family. To add to their bubbling troubles is an employee of the Wallace family, Elliot Carter (played by Sope Disuru) who is actually an undercover detective/police officer trying to find some evidence against the family organization to build a case that will land them in trouble.

What to expect from season 2? (Spoilers Ahead)

The number one question on every viewer’s mind is the fate of Sean Wallace. In the final episode of the first season, Sean Wallace was shot in the face by the aforementioned cop Elliot Carter and during the final scenes, a police officer, who was a part of the raid, declared him dead. The creators of the show have kept the details of the potential return of Joe Cole under wraps so there is a possibility that he might not return and the character of Sean Wallace is now dead for good. The show creators have also mentioned that season 2 would be darker, edgier, and more dangerous than the previous one. This actually makes it pertinent to note that the show has been termed “blood-soaked” a lot of times and if things are being given an enhanced dynamic than this, we are now excited for season 2 more than ever!

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