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Hostel Daze Season 2 Ending Explained: Are There Hopes Of A Season Renewal? Get To Know Here


A new journey in the student’s lives starts as soon as they enter college. Well, if you are even luckier, then the chaos and charm of living in a hostel is whole another enthralling experience. Amazon Prime original Hostel Daze, which is Indian comedy web series follows the hostel life story. Hostel Daze explores the mixture of struggles that any student faces after moving from the comfort of their home.

Hostel Daze’s first season got a debut on 13 December 2019 on the OTT platform, Amazon Prime. After a successful first season, which has a total of 5 episodes, the Hostel Daze was renewed for another season. Recently, Prime’s Hostel Daze season 2 premiered on July 23, 2021, after a wait of more than a year. If you are wondering, how Hostel Daze is different from other drama series based on the chaos of hostels. Then we have covered you. Here’s the whole recap of Hostel Daze season 2: And what does the ending of the second season has stored for the viewers? (Spoilers Ahead)


Hostel Daze Season 2: Get ready to dive back into your Hostel Days

Hostel Daze takes the viewers into the campus of the National Advanced Technical Training Institute (NATTI) campus. The first season of Hostel Daze introduced us to 3 freshers Ankit, Jaat, and Chirag. They are freshers and are struggling to adapt to the new life in their hostel. From hostel food to ragging from seniors in engineering college, they are trying to cope up with their new life. Sounds familiar?Right? Well, Hostel daze is a whole lot that any student, who has lived on the campus would relate to. However, if you had passed your hostel-life phase, then be ready to dive into the nostalgia.

Hostel Daze Season 2 leaps, and now Ankit, Jaat, Chirag, Jhantoo, Akanksha, and Nabomita are the seniors. Well, they are enjoying the superiority of being seniors. However, there are new challenges that are awaiting them. Hostel Daze has a total of 4 episodes, with a streaming time of around 30 to 35 mins each episode. So, let’s have a full recap of Hostel Daze season 2:

Hostel Daze Season 2: Recap

In the first episode of Hostel Daze, everyone is now the seniors and a fresh new batch has already reached. The gang of 5 (except Chirag) are lurking around the juniors. They have a plan to show their seniority and dominant authority among the juniors. However, their plan doesn’t go well and a complaint is filed against them.

Heard about love triangles? Well, in the second episode of Hostel Daze Season 2, we have a love square. Jaat and Jhantoo fall in love with a new fresher, Unnati. The new girl befriends Jhantoo and also starts to romantically pursue her. This doesn’t go well with Jaat and leads to a tussle between Jaat and Jhantoo. On the other side, Ankit advised Jaat to become friends with Chaaru, Unnati’s friend to get close with her. Later Unnati confesses that she befriended Jhantoo so that she could also get close to her crush, Jaat. However, later Charu and Unnati decide to neither date any of them. Viola! Jaat and Jhantoo are friends again.

In the third episode, Ankit tries to impress Akanksha with his hygenic skills. However, the more he tries, the more Akanksha is repelled with his freaky hygiene habits. Later, when Ankit showed up at Akanksha’s room, he’s stunned to know she’s also messy like him. A romantic patch develops between the two. In the final episode, Ankit, Jaat, and Chirag go back to their home on holiday. However, they start missing their hostel life and later returns to their hostel.


Season 2 Ending explained:

In the final episode, the gang is excited to go back with their big vacation plans. While, Jhantoo, who has not been at home for a very long time, copes up to live in an empty hostel. However, Ankit, Jaat, and Chirag start missing the hostel life after returning. In a very emotional scene, we see Jhantoo packing his bags so that he could also go back home. Ankit, Jaat, and Chirag arrive and the boys sit together, embracing the moment.

In the last episode, after watching the lonely corridors where Jhantoo was thriving to cope up with an empty hostel. We realize that it’s friendship that we miss the most. Loving in a Hostel is one of the major changes in a student’s life. They give up the comfort of their home and suddenly, are independent. However, it is also one of the most enthralling experiences.