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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Season 2: Renewal Confirmed? Release Date And Other Latest News


After a very long wait, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation is here! Netflix’s latest Masters Of The Universe: Revelation is an animated superhero series that features He-Man. It serves as a sequel to 1983’s He-Man And The Master Of The Universe. After a long and patient wait of so many years, the latest animated series picks up the story from where it left around 35 years back. Pretty long wait. So, what does the latest installment has stored for us?

Master of The Universe: Revelation debuted on Netflix on the 23rd of July, 2021. One of the major minds behind the latest Netflix installment is Kevin Smith. The filmmaker picked up the leftovers from the early 1980s animated series and continued the series after such a long time. The sequel animated series is produced by Powerhouse Animation Studio.

After a 5-episodes of the first season, “Revelation” leaves us with a cliffhanger just like that, as if the earlier wait was not long enough. However, with so many unanswered questions at the end. The fans are also questioning when will we get another season? Well, here we have covered everything about the Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. Read to know for further latest updates: Recap, Season 2 release date, and everything to know.


Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Season 2 – Release Date and The Latest Updates

Netflix’s recent debut, Masters of The Universe: Revelation had its first part on the OTT platform on 23rd July. The whole superhero fantasy animated series has a total of two installments, comprising 5 episodes each. Moreover, the streaming time of each episode is around 25-28 mins. Well, that means we are having another enthralling 5 episodic Season 2 on our way. So, when will we get the Master Of The Universe: Revelation Season 2?

As of now, there has been no official announcement of the release date of the second installment. Neither the anime show’s producer nor Netflix, itself officially gave us the release date. However, if you are wondering that you may need to wait for a long period, then we may be wrong. We need not worry much about the corona situation, since it’s an animated show. Moreover, Kevin Smith in an interview earlier slipped that “he has seen part 2”. So, we can expect that another season will be released soon. We can have Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Season 2 around the end of this year or early 2022.

Is Masters Of The Universe: Revelation worth watching? Review and Recap:

The animated series features Prince Adam or popularly known as He-Man. It follows the story of the series He-Man And The Man Of The Universe, which was one of the most popular shows of the 1980s. So, if you are wondering that after so many years, is the series even worth watching that follows the same plot of the 1980 storyline. Watch Masters of The Universe: Revelation in just 60 secs, here:

The story follows Teela, Cringer, Orko, and Prince Adam aka He-Man as the protector of Castle Grayskull and the planet Eternia. The show has got a 94 percent Fresh rating at review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Well, the audience has a mixed review for the animated series. Many fans of He-man are annoyed after the fact that the first part focused less on the hero. Well, Teela seems to be more active and has been featured as a heroine in part one. However, we can expect that Season 2 will have more of He-Man. Kevin Smith has hinted at the significance of He-Man in the next part. He said, “You’re a spiritual sequel to the legacy cartoons in the ’80s that everybody knows. The real work would kick in when now we tell a story with Adam all the way through, with He-Man.”