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Aj Mclean Of Backstreet Boys Will Be Guest Starring In Days Of Our Lives – Everything To Know About It

Fans of Backstreet Boys and viewers of Days of Our Lives; buckle up and take a seat because we have some tremendously exciting news to share!

AJ put out the news through an Instagram reel

Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean shared a video on Instagram and revealed that he will be making an official guest appearance in the NBC show Days of Our Lives. He is seen in the Burbank Studio where they used to shoot for The Tonight Show. He plays with the audience and drops hints by mentioning that there’s a certain daytime show that he and his grandmother used to watch while he was growing up. He further adds that he’ll add a couple of hints and said out loud the name Bo, Hope, and Patch. This information is sufficient for viewers and fans alike to guess the show he is talking about. After the guessing game, he reveals that he will be making a guest appearance in the show as a ‘driver’ (that’s what he said about his character’s name and role). Intentionally, the additional details of his guest’s appearance are being kept hushed and under the wraps. Towards the end of the reel he posted on his Instagram account, he finally reveals that it’s Days of Our Lives he’s starring on by pointing his camera towards a board that has the title of the show.

Watch the reel here:


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Days of Our Lives is  a true American classic

Days of Our Lives is a daytime soap opera airing on NBC. In view of the fact that AJ mentioned he grew up watching the show with his grandma, you might have already guessed that the show has been on the air for a considerably good amount of time now. To put it into perspective, Days of Our Lives is in fact one of the longest-running scripted television shows in the world. The show has been on air since 1965 and has produced over 14,000 episodes to this day. The story is set in the fictional town of Salem in the Midwest and follows the lives of its core families which deal with love, marriages, relationships, divorces, and careers. The show made its way to stand out because at a time and decade like the 70s, the show covered extremely sensitive, bold, and revolutionary concepts that other soap operas at that era and period of American history would not take a chance on. The show has also been parodied by sitcoms like Friends and sketch-comedy shows like SCTV. American actress and producer Julia Roberts, who is known for her roles in movies like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, is a huge fan of the show.

AJ needs to make his grandma proud

AJ Mitchell is joining the list of notable personalities in the entertainment industry who have made a guest appearance on this classic American soap opera. Judging from the post he shared, we’re sure he couldn’t be more excited to a part of this show. He mentioned in his reel that being on the show is one of his greatest dreams ever and he signed off by adding in the end that he hopes to make his grandma proud. Well, now he has a huge responsibility to carry!