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Megan Fox Starrer Midnight In The Switchgrass Ending And Storyline Explored – Can We Expect A Sequel?

‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’ is truly a fascinating and interesting action thriller movie. The lovers of the action genre along with a taste of thrill within must watch this exciting film. The film portrays the best storyline which signifies the dark world of murderers and serial killers.

Acknowledged producer Randall Emmett makes his debut as director through this crime thriller movie. It seems pretty interesting that the fans and viewers have admired this movie a lot. Midnight in the Switchgrass depicts some of the unseen secrets and darkest truths of the crime world.

Plot And Storyline Of ‘Midnight In The Switchgrass’

The storyline of this film revolves around an FBI agent and his teammate. Both work seriously to find the culprit behind the murders and crimes that regularly take place in the switchgrass. As soon as they dive deeper into their investigations several new appealing crimes came in front of them. The cops try to find the culprit in a region which is full of motels and bars and serves as an ideal place for the truckstops.

The opening scene of the film shows a corpse of a young woman who was raped brutally before her death. When the cop Byron(Emile Hirsch), arrives at the incident spot they find that the murder is similar to the previous cases that occurred in that area. While the cop fails to ensure her senior officials that the previous murders were also done by the same serial killer.

On the other hand, two FBI agents Karl(Bruce Willis)  and Rebecca (Megan Fox) initiate a mission to find that serial killer in that area. Both agents prefer different prospects and ways to work on their cases. And as a result of their different mindset their way apart from one another. Karl leaves Rebecca amidst the case as he finds himself unable to work with her.

Ending Of The ‘Midnight In The Switchgrass’

Whereas Rebecca continues her investigation in the case. In her way, she finds the same cop who is also working on the case and trying to find the serial killer. They both find a truck driver, Peter(Lukas Haas), as a suspect in the above cases. And as the story proceeds Rebecca disguises herself and meets Peter while Peter was unaware of the fact that the lady which whom he is going to meet is an undercover FBI agent.

But as the things did not go well as planned by Rebecca. Peter abducts Rebecca and tries to interrogate her. But on the contrary, she fights with him and stabs a knife into him. But during the fight, Rebecca also suffers a certain accident due to choking in his throat done by Peter.

In the ending scenes of the film, Karl praises Rebecca for her bravery and efficiency to find the serial killer. Whereas she finds it difficult to speak due to choking in her throat.  On the other hand, it seems that Peter died due to the stabbing of the knife. While authorities send Peter’s wife and his daughter to a new place and seal his whole house and the garage.