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Outlander Season 6 – Release Date Confirmed? Trailer Launch And Latest Updates 2021

With a huge fan base ranging from all age demographics around the world, and almost no award the show has not been honored with, believing the fact that Outlander will not be renewed for a sixth season seems bizarre. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that the series has already been renewed for a sixth and seventh season, and in fact, shooting for season 6 has also been wrapped up. We bow to the cast, crew, and every person involved in the making of this period drama for working so hard in this unpredictable year and making new seasons possible to come out.

Read on to get to know details about the release date, plot, and cast of the sixth installment of Outlanders.

When is the sixth season coming out?

‘Droughtlander’ is a term used for the airing period between two seasons of the show Outlanders. This time, this Droughtlander is going for longer than expected, however, this was predictable, given how the past year has been like due to the outbreak of COVID-19. What comes as a surprise though is the fact that the new season we all have been waiting for will come out sometime near early 2022. You must be wondering that if the Droughtlander is so prolonged, why are we saying it comes as a surprise?

Well, the production of the show was delayed for a long time during COVID and since the show requires so many extra details like costume design and needs to keep in mind the climatic conditions since it is predominantly shot outside, it is really good news that we will get to show the brand season in 2022. Now we don’t want to overwork the cast and crew, do we? But, there is a catch. Season six will only have 8 episodes (including a 90-minute premiere) instead of 12 episodes which were originally planned which means that season 7 will have 16 episodes.

Who will the Outlander’s cast include in season 6?

Old actors will be coming back along with some new additions. The ones who are coming back for sure include Sophie Skelton as Brianna, Caitriona Balfe as Claire, Sam Heughan as Jamie, and Richard Rankin as Roger. We will be seeing new characters for the portrayal of the Christie family. From what has been reported previously, Jessica Reynolds will be seen playing Malva Christie, Mark Lewis will portray Tom Christie and Alexander Vlahos will be seen playing Allan Christie.

Season 6 Plot: What is predictable and what has been revealed so far

A few questions that need to be answered are about the possibility of Marsali experiencing any guilt after giving that poison injection, Roger’s ascendant causing any trouble, and will Briana get to meet his half-brother now that she knows about his existence. A major thing that will be possibly explored in the upcoming season is the trauma Claire has gone through after being beaten and sexually assaulted by a group of men. When Jamie comes in and rescues her, she says that will not the rape shatter her and that she feels safe in his arms. But, this trauma can be expected to creep up at any time.

More interestingly, we get to know towards the end of the season that Jamie’s family isn’t the only time-travelers. Can’t wait for season 6!

See sneak peeks from the season 6 set: