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The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 5 Release Date – What Happens Next, Everything To Know

The Detective Is Already Dead is an anime series taken and adapted from the novel series which is titled as the same. The anime adaption of this very famous novel series was announced at the very starting of this year. Very famous and acknowledged animation studio ENGI produced this anime series.

The first episode of The Detective Is Already Deas was premiered on July 4, 2021. Since then a total of four episodes has been released. The fifth episode of this anime series is scheduled to release in the starting week of August. If you are unaimlessly an anime fan then you must definitely watch this series. So just fasten your seat belts and hold tight until we take you deeper into this newly released anime series.

Plot Of This Anime Series

The storyline of this newly released series revolves around a boy who is called Kimizuka Kimihiko. While it is pretty interesting to know that since childhood tragic problems and crises always follow him. Due to his unintentional habit from childhood he gets into several serious conflicts and situations in his everyday life too.

He has seen several various tragic crises in his life. From accidentally witnessing a drug deal between two powerful crime syndicates to walked upon an accident site. And even in some situations, he was also considered as a suspect by the investigation authorities.

Problems began in his life when he is insisted to carry a suitcase on an international flight. But as always destiny plans something new for him. He meets with a detective called Siesta on that flight. There he helps siesta and prevents the plane from being hijacked.

After this incident both Kimihiko joins Siesta as her assistant. And they both wander all around the globe and become successful to find and solve several cases and incidents. After three years when he moves to the last year of senior high school, his previous deeds as a detective agent follow him but who knows that the detective inside him is already dead.

What We Have Seen In The Fourth Episode Of The Series

In the fourth episode of this anime series Kimihiko and her boss moves to a new town to solve a case related to a girl called Yuri. There they face several new tragic and interesting reveal related to Yuri. They are there to protect Yuri who is a famous singer.

But the villain and enemies of Yuri hire a contract sniper to kill Yuri. They all plan to kill her after which she finishes her performance in front of her fans. As the episode progresses we come to see that both detectives try their best to figure out the enemy but due to a lot of noise from the fans they are unable to do it. But as soon as the sniper fires the bullet Kimihiko succeeds to protect Yuri and Sniper misses his shot. Then they all three move to the other room while the detectives elaborate the whole situation to Yuri.

The fifth episode of The Detective Is Already Dead is titled “That Was Directed at One Year in the Future.” Makers have scheduled to release the fifth episode on August 1, 2021. Viewers can watch this fascinating and interesting anime series on Funimation and Aniplus.