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“The Rock” About To Make His Comeback In WWE Through The Upcoming 2021 Survivor Series

Various sources and media handle reported about the comeback of The Rock in the WWE Universe. After this news fans are excited to see their favorite superstar back in the ring of WWE. As earlier this month several other superstars such as Goldberg and John Cena also made their return to the WWE Universe through a fantastic match.

While it will be definitely fascinating to watch The Rock back in the ring with his so-known attitude and swag. Whereas the fans are excited and eager to know more about his comeback in the rings. Several sources have reported that The Rock will make his appearance in the WWE ring through the Wrestlemania 38 match.

Will The Rock Will Face Roman Reigns In His Comeback Match?

On the other hand, The Rock will have to completely face several new challenges in the WWE Universe. We have got everything about his comeback in the very famous ring of WWE. But you just have to read the whole article to know further updates about his comeback in WWE.

It is also reported from insiders of the WWE that there will be a tag team match between Roman Reigns and The Rock. If this comes true then there will be no other happy comeback of the famous WWE Superstar. And this match will be a complete and overall package of entertainment for the fans and lovers of the mighty WWE Universe all over the world.

Several other hints about the comeback of The Rock were also thrown by famous WWE celebrities and observers earlier. While the survivor series can also witness the epic comeback of The Rock in the ring. And it will be fascinating to see the huge beast in the ring once again.

The Rock Is Going To Complete 25 Years With The WWE

Perhaps the news seems to be true as The Rock will complete his 25 years with the WWE Universe in the upcoming month. While if this news comes true then it must be a true backfire to his career in WWE. Famous WWE Observer Andrew Zarian also marked a recent tweet about the comeback of Dwayne The Rock in the WWE Universe.

Andrew Zarian said,” You have a great show in a big building and you are trying to tell it. Maybe he will return in 2021 and then up to Wrestlemania, there will be a beautiful construction with Roman Reigns. WWE Survivor Series 2021 will be a monumental occasion for the most electrifying man in all of pro wrestling.”

But it is unclear yet that whether the assumption of Andrew will come true or not. On the other hand, if we see the previous records and stats of the WWE Universe we can expect the return of The Rock same as The Undertaker made his comeback back in the year 2015.

As amidst this pandemic, the rings of the WWE were also affected. And who knows, maybe the authorities of the WWE makes up their mind. And they witness The Rock once again in the ring. All we can do for now is just wait and watch until the fog becomes clear. Till then keep visiting this page for further updates.