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Wynonna Earp Season 5: Is It Canceled? Everything To Know

Supernatural series has always garnered a lot of attention from fans, and when you combine western horror with it, a stand-out series is created. Wynonna Earp is one such television series, based on the weird west comic books by Beau Smith. This Canadian-American program Developed by Emily Andras, has a very big fan following and a 79%  rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

 We first heard about this series when Syfy acquired its rights and planned to make a series in 2015.  The first season premiered on April 1, 2016, and fans instantly fell in love with the outstanding performances and brilliant storytelling.  The series was declared the “Best New Show” of 2016 and was also chosen as one of the 20 best new series in the same year. It was even named the “Best New Sci-Fi” show of 2016 and one of the best television shows of 2017.

Synopsis of Wynonna Earp

In this dark fantasy, we follow Wynonna (played by Melanie Scrofano) the direct descendant of the legendary Wyatt Earp. Her ancestor was a lawman, who killed outlaws that threatened the very society itself. The show starts with Wynonna fighting revenants, that were once killed by her ancestor.

Even though she hates this job at first and most of the people in her hometown of Purgatory hate her, including her sister. She still understands her responsibility and vows to continue fighting the reincarnated outlaws that her grandfather had killed using the magic gun, “Peacemaker”.

How many seasons of Wynonna Earp are there?

Wynonna Earp was first announced in 2015 and its first season aired the following year. The first season had 13 episodes and premiered on CHCH-DT in Canada.

After the success of the first season, Viacom  Network decided to air the show on its multinational channels. Critical response to the first season was positive and following that 3 more seasons have aired. The second season premiered in June 2017, and the series was renewed for a third season in just 1 month.

Filming for the 4th season began in 2020, but due to covid, the production had to be stopped. The first half of the 4th season aired on Syfy in July 2020, while the remaining half premiered on March 5, 2021.

Is there going to be a Season 5 of Wynonna Earp?

Even though fans loved Wynonna Earp, the show was always financially unstable. So much so, that the producers planned on cancelling the show after season 3 aired. But after months of campaigns by fans and cast alike, the distributors helped the show financially.

The low was already low on funds and in 2020, Covid happened. The pandemic hit the series very hard and production was halted due to the Wuhan Virus. The season was split into two parts to cover the cost and Syfy announced that the 4th season would be the finale and Wynonna Earp was officially canceled. After the announcement,  fans turned towards the show creator Emily Andras for clarity, who confirmed the news.

However, not all hopes are lost as CTV Sci-Fi Channel, has not released any official statements regarding the cancellation of Wynonna Earp and production might start if the producers secure funds for the show.