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Ending Of The White Lotus Episode 3 Explained: What Happens Next?

Hold your excitement; we have not seen any murders yet. Seems like we will have to wait a bit longer to find out who’s dead body was shown in the beginning of the show. Until then, let’s look back at what this week’s episode was like and what the satirical comedy The White Lotus Treated us with.

The episode opened with a scene where Quinn is seen waking up on the beach and sees his electronics being washed away by the tides. For some context, Quinn is shown to be addicted to and entirely dependent on technology. We also see Paula hooking up with the waiter she had been eyeing for a few days now. When Olivia asks her where she had been out all night, Paula lies and says that she went for a walk. At the end of the episode, Olivia follows her and sees her having sex with the waiter.

When the scene fades in showing the entire Mossbacher family being awake now, we see Mark struggling to come to terms with the fact that his father was gay. Olivia says that he’s just being homophobic but Mark disagrees and Nicole assures Mark that he has a safe space to express his emotions. Nicole also reveals that his father did not die of cancer, but AIDS.

Shane and Rachel’s first scene shows them having morning sex which Rachel does not seem to be enjoying in the least bit. Over brunch, they talk about this and Rachel puts out her concerns over the fact that Shane seems to be valuing their physical intimacy more than their emotional connection. Shane expresses disbelief and says that he is a romantic. In fact, he even goes on to call himself emo. In order to prove this, he asks the resort’s manager, Armond, who also has a bad equation, to set up a romantic date with a sunset cruise. Things start to take a downturn when Armond double books them with Tanya who has booked the chartered book for spreading her mother’s ashes. To respect her grief, Shane does not say anything when he enters the boat, and Tanya “thanks” them for being with her. On the boat are also the spa manager Belinda who was guilt-tripped into joining Tanya and a resort waiter.

Before their big date, we see that Shane was flirting with Paula and Olivia at the pool while Rachel was on the phone with her mom. She sees Shane and walks off to the bar in anger. There, she meets Mark and asks him what has kept the spark alive in his marriage with Nicole. He says that the spark is long-lost but they still love each other. She later confronts Shane about but he  seemed to be glad that she noticed because he was shamelessly trying to make her jealous.

We also see Mark going for a scuba-diving training reluctantly joined by Quinn and they have an unexpected father-son bonding session. Further, Belinda is seen talking to her son about the opportunity Tanya offered her to help her open up her own parlor. His son says that Belinda should jump on the opportunity since she has never been valued enough for her work.

Apart from some random gimmicks between the characters, that’s all episode 3 had to offer. But hey, we still don’t know who the killer is.

Watch episode 3 inside here: