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Settlers: What Lies Ahead For Remmy? The Ending Explained

Settlers is a western-science fiction film which hit the theaters on 23rd July. It has also been screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. You don’t have to be a fan of the western genre to like this movie if you’re interested in space and exploration of the world.


The plot revolves around a family from earth who is in a mars settlement and is just trying to figure out life with all the looming dangers and mystery to the establishment. We have Reza, the father, Ilsa, his wife, and their daughter Remmy. They live in a small valley-like place where apart from them, there is no other family. The parents try their best to protect their daughter who is curious about the world outside and their family is picture-perfect. Everything seems to be going well until one morning when the family wakes up to see “LEAVE” written on their kitchen window.

Remmy sees her parents talk secretly about this horrific scene and then Reza steps out of the house with a gun only to never return. Reza meets three mercenaries on the way to his destination. He takes down two of them but fails to take down the third and gets killed. Then we see that third mercenary, Jerry, reach their home and take Ilsa and Remmy hostage. This happens because the house the family lives in right now belonged to Jerry’s parents in the past and he believes they killed them.

Sometimes passes and Remmy finds it difficult to live under the same roof as the man who killed her father. She becomes even more uncomfortable when she spots her mother, Ilsa, and Jerry kissing in the greenhouse. Then, one day she tries to go to the other side of the atmosphere through an underground tunnel. But, the oxygen level is not ideal in the tunnel and Remmy passes out. Jerry later comes to her rescue. Jerry’s only motive to try and have a relationship with Ilsa is to have more people from his race on the sparsely populated planet. Later on, Ilsa confesses to killing his parents as a form of self-defense since they put a gun on her and attempts to kill Jerry. But, unfortunately, she fails, and Jerry kills her instead.

The Ending- Explained

Now we see Remmy as a teenager who has been taken care of by Jerry all through the years. His act is not as noble as it seems and he has ulterior motives. Jerry tries to seduce Remmy in every way possible but she makes it clear that she does not want him anywhere near her. Jerry again gives his reason for “populating” the planet and when Remmy refuses again; he ties her to the bed and tries to force herself into her. But, Remmy’s robot senses that there is a threat to her life and attacks Jerry. It is able to hurt him but Jerry shoots the robot and makes it dysfunctional. Now Remmy takes matters into her own hands and shoots Jerry, finally killing him for good. She then uses her expertise to fix her robot and makes it in charge of their territory. After that, she takes her oxygen mask and sets off into the tunnel. Getting to another side, she sees barren lands and the tunnel back closes before she could reach it.

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