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The Chi Season 4 Finale: Release Date And Latest Updates About A 5th Season

A lot of questions. A lot of answers. That’s what episode 9 of the fourth season of The Chi gave us. The show follows the story of a dangerous neighborhood in South Chicago and how the lives of the residents get connected after a murder shocks everyone. Angst, love, heartbreak and a lot of mystery remain in store for you if you are a regular viewer or a huge fan of this coming of age story of Jake, Kevin, Jemma, Emmett, Tiff, Trish, Douda, and a lot of other residents of this place where everyone is looking to repair damaged bonds and for redemption.

Will we get a 5th season of The Chi?

As of today, there is no news of The Chi’s renewal for a 5th season. So, you better be prepared to say goodbye to this show once and for all although we really hope we get to see another season. But then again, the possibility of a new season depends hugely on how the finale episode ends. If all the characters get the closure they have been longing for, then we can see our dreams going away. However, it will not be a surprise if we see the episode ending on a cliffhanger (Secretly praying for a cliffhanger here).

How will things take a turn in the finale Episode 10? (Spoilers Ahead)

Episode 9 seemed to be pretty chill and laidback until someone died. That’s good old The Chi for you. Let’s give you some context. In the ninth episode, we first saw Papa and Kevin closing them off from the world for some time to get some time to clear their head and get over their exes. Marcus confronts Douda about losing out on a big opportunity and realizing that Douda is actually a corrupted politician. Trig tries to convince Douda to not only represent the Black community but also be a mayor of the entire population.

We then see Emmett reaching out to one of his exes for getting some help in winning Tiff over. His ex suggests that Emmett should just give Tiff some time to figure things out and let her be able to trust him again. Trig gives his truck to Jake to take Jemma to the spring fling dance. We also see Keith finding comfort in Lynae and they go to the dance together as friends. Before the dance, Jake meets with Keith to make sure things are cool between them now. We see Keisha figuring out motherhood and getting a date with Christian, a guy who seems to like her for who she is.

The biggest thing that happens in the episode is Douda and Marcus getting into a brawl and Douda eventually letting Marcus die. Jake happens to walk in on the fight and decides to keep it a secret from Jemma. What’s in store for their relationship now and how will things wind up for the other characters is what we’re looking forward to watching.

When will the finale air and how can you watch it?

The finale is titled A Raisin in The Sun. It is set to air live on 1st August 2021 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime. You can also stream it on Showtime’s official website and rent it on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the finale teaser here: