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Disney’s New Movie “Spin” Star Michael Bishop Talks About The Upcoming Movie – Everything To Know

Talk about new faces in the entertainment world and Disney has never failed to surprise us. In the upcoming release ‘Spin’, we are going to see some fresh faces as well. The male lead, Michael Bishop talks about the new release on The Buzz, the interview was conducted by Marissa Sarbak. The actor also shared his experience of working with Disney. He also states how his audition was taken during the pandemic. The movie has an Indian- American lead with Avantika Vandanapu as his co-star. She is an American actress, she’s also a singer and dancer along with being a model. Now you see how Disney is preparing to bring some real talent for us. Both the actor and actress are truly talented artists.

The actor also shares his excitement and tells how curious he is for his upcoming movie, he also shares his experience with working with Disney. He tells he got a lot to learn and explore throughout the shooting. He further speaks about the character he is playing and how much he loves making music. The name is his character is Max and his co-star will be known as Rhea. He says there’s some super exciting connection between Max and Rhea. He also claims to have chemistry with his costar. Disney has already fine hands over developing chemistry among the costars and so this movie is a good example again.

Michael tells about how he worked on DJ and was skilled at it during the quarantine so he can settle with his role more perfectly. Well, we can clearly say the man has given his efforts in making this movie a good watch for us. He also tells us about his costar, saying that she was really proud of working with Disney and she was always considerate about everything.

To bring out an irony, the actor spoke about how he was never into Disney. “I didn’t really watch Disney movies growing up”, says Michael Bishop. He says he is not a big Disney fan and “High School Musical” is the only Disney show he used to watch. Talking about “High School Musical” well that show was really something for teens back in that era. The show had a hype of its own, at another level.

Michael also tells that he is a little scared as the movie is a part of the DCOM brand, but that doesn’t affect his excitement for the movie. The actor is happy and calls it a childhood dream that he living in real right now. The actor claims to have a list of things that he is going to make in near future and he is looking forward to more work and experience in the upcoming days.

Well, the actor and the actress of the movie are both really talented and hardworking people. We can always rely on Disney for a pleasing and entertaining shot so now let’s take a break from our busy lives and must watch this out on 13th August 2021.