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God Eater Season 2 Release Date: With The Anime Get Renewed For A Second Season? Everything To Know

God Eater appears to be one of the greatest anime modified from a game. The context and story of God Eater are nearly the same as other fiction anime. However, the course of the show includes some astonishing and exciting moments that have given this anime the prime spot. The anime has been led by Takayuki Hirao, who practiced the grand Ufotable studio.

Go Shina was following all the music of this anime. The inaugural season of the anime was released in 2015, and fans all around the globe fell in love with it. Ever since people have delivered many positive reviews and feedback on the anime and are looking ahead to the next season. The inaugural season had 12 episodes, all of which lasted 24 minutes.

Moreover, the first season came approximately 6 years ago, people are still viewing and following the anime in high numbers. Fans wish to know the release date of the next season.

Update on Release Date:

Followers all around the globe have remained to wait for season 2 of God Eater. After 2015, while the first season came out, anime fans have been expecting the news of the season 2 release date. Most fans were even expecting the fresh season for the 10th anniversary of the God Eater video game category, in 2020. Sadly, there is still no news of the fresh season of the anime as of yet.


The anime play is very much related to the storyline we’ve noticed in the video game. The play is also placed in the post-apocalyptic nation of the New Asian Union. Aragami has made critical destruction for humankind, as the prodigious creations are attacking humans in great quantities. Only when everything starts to look very bad, the Fenrir group rises to redeem humankind from this pain. This group is also known as God Eaters. God Eaters practice biochemical weapons to get rid of the beasts.

Now, in the subsequent version of God Eater, fans will most probably see different protagonists taking the lead. In the debut season, the lead actor came across an unfortunate situation where he succumbed to his arm against Aragami. This covers the way for Lenka to be the top candidate for the lead spot in the second season.

Lenka was seen driving the whole unit in the finale of the inaugural season, which provides us all the sense that she will be the whole taking charge now. Moreover, the forthcoming version will also add some very intriguing storylines, horrific creations, along with the roles that will seem to save humanity.

On the opposite hand, we have Shion, who was included in the first season. Anime fans throughout the globe demand Shion to take up the job of supporting lead in the future season. Shion arrives as an excellent God Arc. She was presented as a half Aragami and half-human.

The followers of God Eater are put in the dark about the events of Aragami, and others believe this story will be explained in the next season. Everyone is assuming the second season to explain how Aragami evolved into existence and developed further.