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Netflix “Cooking with Paris” By Paris Hilton Trailer Raises The Temperature – Watch It Here

The trailer is already warming up the temperature among the people. As Paris Hilton is bringing up her new cooking show “Cooking with Paris”. In the trailer, we all can see that she comes up with her celebrity friends as a guest and prepares meals for them with her random tries also there’s a lot more than that. So isn’t that enough to bring up more spark to the show?

As we can see many of her celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Saweetie, Demi Lovato had their arrival on the show. THAT’S HOT, isn’t it? Not just the celebrities but she also invited her family to the show as we were also able to see her mom, Kathy, and sister, Nicky as the guests. With this, all we can guess is what’s going to happen in the show, aren’t we? So this shows gonna be super cool. And there’s a lot more enjoyment in it.

As Netflix says in a news release that ‘Paris isn’t a trained chef and she’s not even trying to be.” But according to the trailer, we can see her preparing some delicious food.

She was also seen preparing pasta, tomatillos, and lemon zest, and she also even had few attempts to roast a whole turkey. And she also took the help of Siri whenever she was confused. And that’s kind of a relatable thing, isn’t it?

No doubt her guests are going to enjoy her menu. As well as there would be a lot more than that. This shows going to be entertaining and a comedy cooking show as people are gonna enjoy this as one of its reasons is that this show is not scripted. So we all are going to experience some bloopers and random funny moments of her and her cooking and a few of the jokes between Paris and her guests.

Paris also refers that anyone can cook, cooking doesn’t need any extra skills,  it’s just up to you and your mind. As she says “ANY BITCH CAN COOK”.

In the trailer, we can see Paris taking some tips from Siri on her iPhone and her icings on the cake were already a comedy mess. Also, her preparation for the turkey seemed fun though.

Also, her show may give people cooking lessons to the people with comedy and she may also share her experiences regarding her cooking. People are also gonna know about the guests. Who knows who’s her next guest??

As the trailer already created the hype of the show, now just think of what the show is going to do among people?. So don’t forget that the show is going to be set on premiere on August 4th on Netflix and is a must-watch show with some cooking skills and sarcastic moments with some news guests every episode.

So don’t give it a doublethink upon it and set up your timer for the show and be ready to feel the heat of the show.

So yeah, THAT’S HOT!!