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Predator 5: After Four Predator Movies We Are Finally Getting A Predator Origin Movie

No one had expected that the first film directed by John McTiernan would turn into such a big franchise. The Predator franchise first released in 1987, depicts hostile, extraterrestrial species hunting Earthlings for fun. The hostile creatures called Predators, are terrible threats and also hunted down for scientific and military purposes.

Fans got excited when rumors about the upcoming Predator movie started circulating. The 5th part was confirmed by the producers of this action franchise. Read More to know about the upcoming Predator movie:

 How Many Predator Movies Are There? 

The Predator franchise released its first movie, titled “Predator” on June 12, 1987, with a budget of 15 Million USD. The first film was a commercial hit, grossing over 98,267,558 USD worldwide. Predator was also loved by fans and is rated 81% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Box office performance of the first film paved the way for 3 more films in this franchise. The second film, Predator 2 was released in 1990 and the third installment took nearly 2 decades and Predators was released in 2010. The latest film directed by Shane Black, The Predator hit cinemas in 2018. Even though only 4 films of this franchise were released in cinemas, it has been adapted into many novels, comic books, and various video games. A few spin-offs have also made their way into the cinemas, like Concrete Jungle in 2005 and: Hunting Grounds in 2020.

The Next ‘Predator’ Movie Is a ‘Predator Origin Story’ and will be released as the 5th installment of the franchise.

What do we know about Predator 5?

In a recent interview, Davis and John Fox, the producers revealed that the fifth installment is already in production and around 75% of the work has been done. In November 2020, it was confirmed that the upcoming movie directed by Dan Trachtenberg will feature a female protagonist and the screenplay by Patrick Aison (Jack Ryan). 

According to some rumors, the fifth edition is set hundreds of years before the first Predator movie (1987). As we barely know anything about the Predators’ place of origin, we can expect something on this topic as well.  The new film is called Skull, and according to the producers we can expect two sequels to this film.  The 5th film will be released under the 20th Century Studios and according to some reports the director, Trachtenberg has been working on the film since 2016.

The cast of Predator 5

Not much is know about the full cast of this Predator origin Story, but we do know about the main lead. In May 2021, It was announced that the Legion star, Amber Midthunder had been cast in the lead role of Kee in the fifth installment. The film’s cinematography will be done by Jeff Cutter under the lead of director Dan Trachtenberg.

Release Date of Predator 5

The producers have not made any announcements regarding the release date of this movie. However, in July 2021, it was announced that the film is nearing completion and is expected to release in 2022. According to some rumors, the fifth film may release on OTT platforms first, instead of cinemas. Even though this is only a rumor at this point, you never know.