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Anne With An E Season 4: Will It Return Or Is It Canceled? Everything To Know

Recent news has reported that huge momentum is being caused by the latest campaign created by the youth. Any guesses? Actually, none of your guesses will be correct because the campaign is for something you never would have imagined.

The campaign is for the return of Anne With An ‘E’

You read that right. Our Anne nation is rocking the internet to get a new season of this much-loved show. The fans have created a change.org petition to create mobilization to successfully pressure Netflix or other streaming services to pick up the series with a new installment. The petition has already been caught by the eyes of a few famous A-list celebrities. This list also includes Ryan Reynolds who has also urged others to sign the petition and has requested Netflix through his twitter account to renew Anne With an ‘E’. The petition has already amassed over a million signatures.

Hashtags like #saveAnneWithanE, #letterforanne, and #renewAnneWithanE are topping the internet and social media and on the fan pages and forums of Anne With an E. The fan community has also created and dedicated an entire website to organize official writing campaigns and other events. What is more is that fans have also been personally contacting managers of major streaming platforms to get their demands heard.

The main motivation, inspiration, and role model for the fans? It is the character of Anne herself! The community of fans say that the show itself has inspired them to run a full-fledged campaign to protect the show they love. According to them, Anne is a character who stands up for herself and for the things she believes in. She puts herself in a firm position when it comes to her opinions and beliefs and she makes sure to let nothing influence her to change her decision.

Why did the show get cancelled?

It is natural to ponder upon and question that if Anne With An ‘E’ has such a huge fan base and a lot of viewers across Canada, U.S., and Europe, why did it get cancelled in the first place? Well the reason might shock you. There have been speculations and numerous reports claiming that negotiations between the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBS) and Netflix fell through and because they couldn’t come to a compromise or conclusion, they had to cancel the show. And, briefly after Season 3 was announced, creators and producers of the show made it clear that Anne With An E will not return for a fourth installment.

Is there any chance of the return of the show?

We hate to break it to you, but despite of these tremendous efforts by this huge community of loving fans, the prospects of the show returning for a fourth season look really low. Also, the lead actress who plays our beloved Anne, Amybeth McNulty, has also been roped in the cast of the fourth season of the Netflix original Stranger Things. Further, no producer of the show has hinted towards its renewal. For 2021, we should stop hoping for a new season but hey, you never know what the future might bring. And considering these campaigns, the future looks bright.