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Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher Documentary To Stream This September On Netflix

World Champion Formula 1 Racer Michael Schumacher’s Documentary To Be Released By Netflix On The 15th September 2021.

The title of the film would be “Schumacher”, the film would be featured by the OTT platform Netflix under the support of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion’s family who had been out of the public eye since his tragic accident.

Michael Schumacher had suffered a devastating brain injury on a skiing holiday in the year 2013. Since then the Formula 1 Champion’s recovery had been kept private by his family, but now after long consecutive 8 years, the documentary on his life is set to stir up the veils, and that too under the strong support of the champion’s family.

The film has been produced by a German Company B/14 Film GmbH and is directed by Hanns-Bruno KammertonsMichael Wench, and Vanessa Bicker. This team has also made a documentary in the year 2017 about a tennis legend Boris Becker, called Der Spieler. The team also remarked that “the documentary was a big challenge and needed a lot of time and sensitivity, considering the pressure that was put on the production from the outside”, said Seikel.”

The greatest challenge for the directors was certainly to find the balance between the independent reporting and considering the family”, added Nöcker. “Corinna Schumacher (wife of Michael Schumacher) was our greatest support in the project as she wanted to show the real identity of the champion to the world without any pomp and show, she believed in authenticity and wanted the film to be authentic with all his ups and downs”.

The film is based upon the whole career of the Formula 1 Racer Schumacher’s life, the tragic and horrific accident that he had undergone while he was skiing with his son that had caused him into a medically induced coma and severe injuries that kept him away from his fans and the public for years and as per the sources it is also said that the film would also give the peer insights of many Formula 1 personalities who have had played a significant role in the Schumacher’s life by acting up as rivals in his career streak. including names like Luca di Montezemolo, Flavio Briatore, Damon Hill, Sebastian Vettel and Jean Todd.

The film also has unseen interviews with the champion’s family, including his wife, father, and brother and also the many known faces of Motorsports.

Sales and financing group Rocket Science, which is handling global sales and distribution on Schumacher, had set up the deal with the global OTT platform Netflix, in order to achieve great success and a huge audience at a global level.

Producer Benjamin Seikel also added ” We’re grateful that it’s finally getting underway and excited about its global release on Netflix. The film was always intended to be an international documentary and we’re confident so shall it will be.”

The film was set to be released in December 2019 but due to the coronavirus pandemic it was postponed to a further date but now it is all set to release on September 15th, 2021 on the OTT platform Netflix.