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Outer Banks Season 2: Everything To Know About John B And Sarah Break Up

The lovebirds - John B & Sarah

Outer Banks Season 2 new episodes are finally out now on Netflix, after the super long wait for about a year.

The most addicting teen drama Outer Banks has dropped their new season 2 with all the new episodes on the OTT platform of Netflix.

Let’s dive back to where we left, in season 1, John B and Sarah were in a bit of a bind after fleeing the remote island in the middle of the horrific tropical storm. But they were quite fortunate as we saw as in the final moments of The Phantom the teen couple was saved by a boat that was headed towards the Bahamas.

Everyone has one question hitting their minds did they survive the storm as the Pogues are sadly left grieving as the Outer Banks Season 2 opens up but that is not all, stay tuned to know the spoilers

As we saw the trailers of season 2 we are well aware that John B and Sarah are very much Alive and have passed the storm and have made their way towards the Bahamas but not without the conflict in the ship but they manage to escape and hide in the Bahamas until they have a set plan to go back to the Outer Banks, which is incredibly complicated. But nothing is impossible they manage to escape with the help of a new character Cleo but not without drama in which Sarah gets shot in the Bahamas but stays alive and survives the action, thankfully because of the doctor who ails her on time.

The teen couple goes through a lot of ups and downs in the season’s journey and plenty of traumatic situations during their time together but the drama doesn’t end here Sarah’s dad Ward blows himself in the boat he was on while John B and Sarah are there to watch, which obviously makes them devastated. She had acknowledged the failure of her father but there’s no denying the love and bond they shared.

While Sarah is mourning her dad’s death meanwhile John B seems relieved because Ward had killed John B’s father Big John and that’s completely understandable why he would feel so relieved and this throws a major hit in the relationship of the lovebird’s John B and Sarah.

The Couple breaks up earlier in the season because both the parties had a lot of grievances and baggage to hold on to, to be together with one another. The couple takes a break from their relationship after Sarah’s dad’s death and the insensitivity shown by John B towards it. Sarah starts hanging out with her ex-boyfriend and John B chooses another girl they go to school with, jealousy strikes in and that tells enough about their feelings for one another.

Fortunately, they will find a way back together when Sarah starts helping Pogues uncover some of Pope’s history. They come closer and their feelings are rekindled once again and they can’t resist each other anymore.  So they get back together, and that is super sweet to see them together reconciling and loving each other demolishing their past drama.

But the drama doesn’t end here, stream Outer Banks season 2 on Netflix to know more about the final drama.