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The Christmas Chronicles Part 3 Confirmed By Netflix? Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know

When it comes to holiday specials, Netflix never fails to treat its audiences. With movies like The Princess Switch and Holidate, it came as a surprise to many when Chris Columbus and Mark Radcliffe, who also produced the first three Harry Potter movies, took the world by storm with their own Christmas special- The Christmas Chronicles. Not only that, the movie was so loved by fans and critics alike, we also a sequel working out and streaming on Netflix. After becoming such a fan favorite and a new holiday classic, it is natural to ask, will we see a third installment or threequel of the Christmas Chronicles franchise? Read on the article to find out.

What is the plot of the movies?

The story of the movie revolves around siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce who, in order to get to Santa, end up crashing his sleigh. Due to this, now it comes on their shoulders to deliver all the gifts to the rightful and respective receivers and save Christmas for the children. At the end of the movie, we see the character of Mrs. Claus being teased. This gives us seeds to hope for a second part which comes out on the streaming platform Netflix in 2020.

In the second installment of the franchise, we know Kate grew up to be a teenager and she reunites with our favorite Santa Claus. In this part, they are now trying to save Christmas from a notorious elf, Belsnickel. Belsnickel is planning to do something to cancel Christmas forever and is is now up to Santa and Kate to stop him. In an unexpected twist and turn of things, we learn that Belsnickel actually just wants to be loved and felt wanted. And then he finds a place to call home with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Is a third part confirmed?

As far as the confirmation for a third installment of the franchise goes, Netflix has not made any official announcements yet. But considering how wildly popular the movie has gotten, the stakes for a new part look really high. If we see the pattern of releases from when the movie first came out in 2018, and then it’s second part in 2020, it is likely that if a third party comes out, we will see it in late November of 2020.

Who can be cast in the third part?

We will most undoubtedly see Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn reprising their roles of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus respectively. We can also see Darby Camp and Judah Lewis coming back again for their roles of siblings Kate Pierce and Teddy Pierce respectively. Although we saw Julian Dennison playing the prominent role of Belsnickel in the second part, it is possible that he might not be seen if a third party comes out because there is now not much scope for his role.

What can the plot be?

If we see a third party come out, it can be about the origins of Santa Claus and how his life changed. In essence, it has the probability of becoming a sort of prequel for the movie.

Watch the trailer of the first part here: