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True Beauty Ending Explained: Who Does Ju-Kyung End Up With? Everything To Know

Let’s admit it, who is not a fan of teen flics and dramas? And with a Korean touch, it’s just a chef’s kiss. What we’re talking about is no ordinary K-drama either. It’s a whole webtoon series! If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about Yaongyi’s True Beauty. Keeping up with each character’s respective trauma and the love triangles they are a part of, might be hard. So, the help you figure things out and to make the whole process a tad bit easier for you, we are breaking down the ending and giving you a gist of the entire plot of the show.

What is the story all about?

The plot of the webtoon revolves around a girl named Ju-Kyung. She has been bullied and ridiculed all her life because of the way she looks. In her family, her parents incline towards favoring her other two siblings who are better looking than her. In school too, she has just termed an ‘errand girl’ and nobody cares about her. All of this discrimination, bullying, and favoritism start taking a serious toll on her mental health and self-esteem. To combat her anxiety, she starts looking for ways through which she can turn her life around for good.

She finds a solution in makeup. She starts looking up and binge-watching makeup tutorials online and over time, she becomes a proficient and amazing make-up artist. When she gives herself a complete makeover, people at her school start noticing her, and her fame skyrockets at all levels. In fact, she even catches the eye of the two most popular boys at school, Seo-jun, and Su-ho. Now, that’s where things take a turn and become a bit messy.

The love triangle of the show

Seo-Jun is an up-and-coming k-pop idol and Su-ho is a Korean-Japanese student whose father is a famous Korean actor and his mother is a Japanese-born woman of Korean descent. Su-ho is the first guy to look at Ju-Kyung beyond the beauty she shows the world and both of them used to run into each other all the time before Ju-Kyung’s fame as both of them were avid-readers of horror comic books.

Seo-Jun and Su-ho used to be best friends until their common best friend Se-Yeon committed suicide in high school. They also keep on fighting over Ju-Kyung.

True Beauty ending explained

As the characters enter college, we see Ju-Kyung helping her friend Soo-jin to get out of the trouble her abusive boyfriend causes. Ju-Kyung also realizes that Soo-jin’s beauty, which she used to be jealous of, is actually a burden on her. We see Seo-jun and Su-ho continue fighting for Ju-Kyung and they reconcile sometime after they talk about Se-Yeon’s suicide and come clean to each other.

To everyone who was expecting Ju-Kyung to end up with Su-ho, drumrolls please, sorry but you will be met with disappointment. Ju-Kyung ends up with our K-pop idol Seo-jun. Who saw that coming, right?

After this roller-coaster ride, we’re gonna miss the show. Also, did you hear that the show has become a k-drama now? Well, seems like we have more treats to go for.

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