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Fans Demand To Release The Ayer’s Cut For Suicide Squad 2016: Will It Get Released?

Earlier this year, DCEU followers stood vindicated when Warner Bros lastly delivered the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League. Soon, though, they’re asking that the studio present David Ayer’s cut of his 2016 Suicide Squad film. Ayer wrote an open message on Twitter explaining the theatrical portion of the 2016 action film, creating “#ReleaseTheAyerCut” to trend. He commands what was published isn’t his Suicide Squad, combining just a “handful of people” who have viewed the unreleased report.

“I settle my life within Suicide Squad, I produced something amazing – My cut is [an] difficult and heartfelt adventure with some ‘bad people’ which are shit on and dropped (a melody that resonates in my soul),” one note read. “The studio cut is non my film. See that again. And my cut is non the 10-week director’s cut — it’s a completely developed edit by Lee Smith lasting on the impossible task by John Gilroy. It’s all Steven Price’s excellent score, with not an individual radio song in the entire thing.”

Ayer wrote his three-page report titled “My Turn” following a movie reporter who suggests he give up against ever knowing the ‘Ayer cut’ published. The Training Day executive replied he doesn’t identify the meaning of the term quit, continuing that he’s fought so hard to secure it as a director in Hollywood that he will never quit attempting to make his cut released. He concluded the letter by congratulating the job James Gunn has made on The Suicide Squad, stating he’s proud of Gunn and delighted that the series means “getting the legs it needs”.

Fans continue using social media to prepare behind the “Release the Ayer Cut” hashtag, encouraged by the fan-driven “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign that ended in Snyder making and delivering his unique concept for Justice League. Fans will rally virtually on August 5 — the fifth centennial of Suicide Squad — to force Warner Bros. over #ReleaseTheAyerCut.

 After the letter’s publication, there was an overflow of backing for Ayer, by a fraction of supporters and fellow filmmakers tweeting their support. Fandango’s Erik Davis wrote: “Giving love & good vibes your way, sir… I truly believe we get to view your cut one day.” “You are an honorable person. And I enjoy your films. Complete respect to you, sir,” Darkseid star Ray Porter added. Gunn, who’s voiced his support of the Ayer cut in the past, also replied saying, “All my love and admiration, friend.”

Last year Ayer tweeted that there held a story of Suicide Squad that resembled the tone of the initial San Diego Comic-Con trailer, which debuted in 2015. Followers have long maintained that Warners recut the film after that first trailer to get the action film quite suit the nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Batman V Superman’s failing box-office achievement.

 Despite this pressure on Warners to publish a fresh director’s cut of Suicide Squad, the studio has remained strong that it holds no ideas to produce an Ayer cut. Still, the success of the Snyder Cut tendency implies that it’s not impossible that we may perceive it one day.