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Fans Dissing Disney After Poor Response To Scarlett Johansson Over Black Widow Online Release Controversy

Disney Johansson Controversy

Disney has been facing trouble which could lead to a big one as we are here to tell you about it. The big controversy took place this week when the news started flashing about the feud between Marvel hugely known star and figure Scarlett Johansson who has been a part of Marvel for a long time now and that she has played the role of Black Widow. She came ahead with filing a lawsuit and basically suing the well-known worldwide company named Walt Disney. The news has been rapidly surfacing around and though the discussions are taking place on the internet as well as between the fans to what could happen and shall happen in the latter times to see.

The star came forward with filing the lawsuit this recent Thursday at the Superior Court of Los Angeles and though she made the allegations that by the time the company is able to release Black Widow, her contract shall be breached where the release might take place on the streaming platform of Disney known as Disney+ where also it would have a theatre release too.


Disney was Criticised for the act they played

The fans also stood up at the same time and went on to the internet after Disney where they have shown their support to Johansson and thus criticizing the company for the same tacky mess they played as according to them. The fans are all in for the support and thus asking Johansson to not sit back and secure her contract.


Face to Face in court

The main contract which was based on the terms or what Johansson claims is that Disney’s Marvel Entertainment made a statement or more kind of an agreement which was set that the release of Black Widow shall be an exclusive theatrical release and though which is her solo film and her salary was all dependent on the part which the movie shall play in the box office or the performance it will set in the theatres.

The news came flashing everywhere and also that the attorney at Kasowitz Torres who is representing Johanson has stated that it was some kind of a fishy trick that the company played and though some kind of a tactical way to increase their number of subscribers which will eventually lead to rising the price or rate of the stock of the company when it was slowed down due to Covid19 and though this will fill the gap for them and thus increasing the number of subscribers that would lead to increasing the stock price would act really important for them and though could result good after the pandemic to get them back on the pitch. He also stated that the contracts were ignored in sort to the main actor’s or actress’s who are responsible for making the movie a success is actually ignored at the end and this is what they will try their best to prove into the court. Though talking about the fact that this is not the first time that any artist would be making a stand against Disney as whatever kind of way the company has to pretend, it should be decent enough to honor the contracts which were already made for the agreements.