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Gymnast Simone Biles Shares Videos On Instagram And Answers Public Questions About Pulling Herself Out Of The Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles Videos Explanation on Instagram

The big news came in this Thursday when Simone Biles was trending on Twitter and it’s because she went on to answer questions related to Twisties on Instagram and also that she shared some videos for better part of understanding. The number of audience came across her explaination which actually set the bar or some examples for the youths on instagram or whoever must have come across her posts and videos.

She came ahead with the tough or rough experience she went on to had with the Twisties and she went forward to answer many number of questions which were asked by the fans or normal people. She made end to end detail experience and strong impact to the audience with her answers and the example she set.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles came ahead with the practice session

Biles in one of her videos also shared the way she practises through the period of her training and though the video showed how she was training on the matted floor with Twists and this came alive on the stories she posted on her Instagram. She has been now engaged not only with the practice sessions but only providing all kind of tutorial or update on practice that one should know. She also makes strong motivated captions in order to make a move further and also which would act like a motivation for the audience too.

Biles after then decided to mark the questions and that she answered them and though the questions from the audience kept coming which was a big signal that the audience was actually taking some advice and motivation from her where also taking her as a role model. She came across a number of questions and answers a number of them but in the middle of responding to these questions, she came across one of the questions which was in the past she has experienced in her career and though left a spot for her and as reported it has taken around more than 2 weeks for her to make a move from them.

Simone Biles


Biles came ahead and mentioned that there should be a strategy that should ne put in this and the main objective for success in the Twisties actually holds the big part which includes making a move back to the basic parts and which will give them a main part to conquer and the other main part which lies in this is making a use of soft surfaces which she considers in use in her practices. She gave her own experience slot with explaining what could go wrong it a single detail is missed in consideration and how smoothly everything could go if everything is in order when performing it. She mentions that it is not a big deal to make an observation of the course or performance and more over she put the attention into going for the hardwork and practice as much as one could possibly put. This acted like a big statement to a number of audience which came across the posts and statements that she mentioned.