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Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 9: What Happens Next In The Upcoming Episode?

The “Home Before Dark” series is based on the real-life investigations of Hilde Kate Lysiak. The show got premiered on AppleTv. The first episode was released on April 3, 2020. The show was loved by the public and it has already created a fan base among the people. The show is excelling in creating suspense among the viewers and so the waiting for their new episode is hyping the fans. The main character, Hilde is a real-life person and she is an American journalist and also the youngest member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Well, just by the name “Home Before Dark”, we can easily form a picture in our minds about what the series is all about. The series consists of all the real reporting Hilde has done. Well, real-life stories have always been a good watch for the public. Brooklynn Prince is playing the role of Hilde. Well, for a little change the creators have changed the name from Hilde Lysiak to Hilde Lisko. Hilde claims the whole story to be accurate from top to bottom. “My story was 100 percent accurate “, said Hilde.

Add more to a shock when we tell you that Hilde is only 14 years old right now. She has developed skills over years and now she is one of the most famous and talented kids we know. The girl started her newspaper when she was only 7 years old. Well moving on more towards the series, it is about how Hilde went to a lakeside town where her father used to live and she founds about a case everyone tried to bury, even her father.

Till now we’ve seen that Hilde realized that the insidious Strata Tech has deep roots in her hometown. Hilde has already smelled all the suspicious stuff around her and now as we expect, she will make her further moves on the investigations. She’s also seen facing the barriers created by Mr. Williams, who is the head of Strata Tech. He doesn’t want her to continue her reporting and he is giving it his all to make her surpass her investigations. We have seen that Mr. Williams is doing good in his job.

Twist alert, if you have seen Episode 8 of season 2 till the end you already got the last-minute plot twist and it is highly expected that now things are going to be a little more favorable for Hilde. We are already aware that the girl is not an easy catch for predators and so we are pretty sure she is not going to get trapped in any of the hurdles created by Mr. Williams.

Well, more and more curious when we think about Episode 9 of the currently airing season. The show perfectly knows how to create suspense and hype among the people. We are all eager to see what they are serving us in the upcoming episode which is expected to be released on August 6, 2021. So let’s just keep our assumptions and expectations tied with us and watch out for the show.