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Court Orders Lamar Odom To Pay A Whooping Sum Of Nearly $400K To His Ex Girlfriend Liza Morales

We have seen some of the most shocking divorce decisions among famous celebrities. Whether it is the divorce case between famous rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or the divorce case of the ex-president Donald Trump. And most of the time the court orders to fulfill the expenses of the female counterpart.

Recently the settlement case between the famous NBA star Lamar Odom and his ex-girlfriend Liza Morales came to light. Several news channels and media houses reported about the resettlement issue that was prevailing between this ex-couple.

When Lamar and her ex-girlfriend Liza Morales filed for a settlement agreement for their relationship. They had two kids at that time. During their court settlement in 2015, the court ordered Lamar to pay thousands of dollars monthly to Liza so that she can take care of their children.

Lamar Stopped Paying Monthly Expenses To Liza Last Year

But recently Liza alleged to her ex-boyfriend Lamar that he is not giving her the monthly expenses since June of the last year. She has also sent several reminders to him, but nothing seemed to be worked. Finally, she filed a case against Lamar this Year. And she asked him for the monthly expenses that were decided during their agreement in 2015.

Both ran into a serious verbal argument and heated fight about this issue on their Instagram handles. It is also reported that one of the children has grown adult and started to go to college. But the ex-couple faced the court above this battle. And court-ordered Lamar to pay the remaining sum of money which he has not paid since last year.

The legal documents acquired from the order of the court state that Lamar has to pay, “$91,220 in outstanding child support”.  “$88,117 in missed rent, $161,305 for their children’s college funds and expenses”.  Apart from it he was also insisted and ordered to pay a sum of nearly $40,000 which were expanded by Liza in filing the latest case.

If we totally sum up the money then it comes to a whopping sum of $380,549. And we are pretty sure that Lamar must have seen a quite expensive to not pay according to his settlement agreement. A whooping sum of approx Four Hundred Thousand Dollars will adversely affect Lamar in a tragic and expensive way.

Lamar And Liza’s Allegations On One Another

But the heat continued to raise when Lamar made several serious allegations on Liza. He posted on Instagram that, “I was never married to my kids’ mother. I took care of her from the second she became pregnant and even after I was married I still paid her bills,”.

Lamar also blamed Liza that she should become responsible now. He advised her to shift into an affordable house and work to fulfill her requirements. Lamar also affirmed that he has completed his duties since his children have grown up to adults now. But he deleted the post after Liza snapped and backfired him.

Liza said that Lamar is shitting lies about her character and her approach towards her children. And it must be his duty to fulfill the needs of the children. She also said that Lamar did not speak a word in the court during the judgment and he is posting shits about her on Instagram.

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