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Jessica Alba Compares Her Relationship With Her Husband Cash Warren With Being Roommates

Jessica Alba is a successful businesswoman, a Hollywood movie star and a devoted family woman. Alba, a proud mother of 3, recently appeared on Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Instagram show and opened up about her relationship with Warren, her husband. In the show, “Before, during and after baby”, the actress revealed that becoming a mother forced her to feel safe by being vulnerable. How easy it is to take your other half for granted, the 40-year-old actress added, but then after that, you become roommates. You can watch the whole episode below:

Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren

The Fantastic Four star met Cash initially when both of them working on the 2005 film, where Alba played Sue Storm and Cash was working as an additional crew member.  According to what the couple revealed afterward, they started dating not long after. In 2019, Cash revealed their untraditional, un Hollywood-like wedding. In 2008 they were expecting their first child together, in the upcoming weeks and one morning they decided to get married. According to the entrepreneur, marriage was not important and the couple never planned on getting married. But on that uneventful morning, both got dressed and drove straight to the courthouse.

The power couple tied the knot in a Beverly Hills courthouse in May 2008 and welcomed their first daughter, the following Month. Throughout their marriage, the couple has kept most of their family details private, but the family of 5, could be spotted enjoying their casual dinner in California.

The Family Of 5!

Cash and Jessica have 3 children together, 2 daughters and 1 son. Their 1st daughter  Honor Marie Warren was born in 2008 and 2nd daughter Haven Garner Warren, in 2011. The couple welcomed their third child and 1st son, Hayes in 2017.  The couple loves uploading their children’s photos online, and why shouldn’t they, the photos are always super cute and fans love it! Jessica Alba had poor health as a child and always dreamed of having a big friendly family. The couple is very strict with their children and she also shared one such instance, during an interview. Their daughter, Haven used to walk into their room without knocking and one day she walked in on her parents having sex. When Jessica went downstairs, Haven was apologetic and promised to always knock first. 

The couple has pretty high standards as parents and Cash usually plays the good cop. They expect a lot out of their kids, and according to Cash, they don’t want to raise, “assholes”. Jessica and Cash form a very good parenting team and are always disciplined and want to make sure their kids are gonna grow up to be good people. Jessica was at the top of her career when her first child was born and in an interview, she talked about how she couldn’t go back to it. Her family has always been her topmost priority, so much so that he decided to get away from acting and spend time with her children.