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When Is Kanye West releasing New Album ‘DONDA’? Read To Know

Kanye West’s new album ‘DONDA’ is releasing on August 5, 2021, as the star shares on his Instagram. He is often seen posting and sharing about his work on his Instagram account, he actively shares post which mostly consists of pictures of his own, his family and his music. The Listening Event will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium from 9 pm onwards. The fans are curiously looking forward to the event and the excitement is seen all over social media. Kanye is one of the most loved artists among the public and so he owns a hype of his own.

Monday, August 2, at 10 a.m. EST, all Kanye fans note it down because this is the time when the tickets for the Listening Party will go live. The fans are all set to go enjoy their favorite rapper’s jam. Kanye’s music is running an exciting audience and so the expectations for this event are also running wild among Kanye’s fans. They all love the ‘cool dude’ singing for them and Kanye has never failed to amaze us with his tracks and raps. So we won’t be surprised if this event turned out to be a super-duper blast for him.

The album was previously going to get released on July 27, but as we all know how Kanye likes his work, well a little delayed of course. He dropped off the plan of releasing it on the previously decided date and came up with his new releasing date. Although with all this doing, the fans never get disappointed and still wait for his new songs with the same excitement and always look forward to his new tracks and jams. The love for Kanye among us fans is visible as even after a little delay in release, they are curiously looking forward to the tickets going live. We do not doubt that the artist got some real talent and so all the hype he gets is worth it.

Adding on more to the excitement, we are having Jay-Z along who is featured in the album as well. An absolute cherry on the top, isn’t it? Jay-Z is also among the most loved artists among the people. His music has a huge fan base and people love his tracks as well. The audience is going crazy as soon as they found out about Kanye and Jay-Z coming up together and making new music. The expectations of the audience are beyond infinity, we already know these two are going to rock the jams. They’ve been making music force long and they know exactly what their audience love and maybe that’s why they keep giving us the most amazing tracks.

Talking about Kanye and not mentioning fashion? No, never a chance, and again we know how he is going to blast out with his outfit and gadgets again. Kanye was spotted at the designer’s Haute Couture’s show at the beginning of this year and that can make us guess what he is been working on. There is some really good thing cooking in there, the music, the fashion, the hype and now all we got to do is wait for the tickets to go live and have our chances to enjoy the new track.

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