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Five Feet Apart Ending Explained – An Overwhelming Love Story With A Heartbreaking Ending

“Five Feet Apart” is a movie about teen lovers living their life with some critical medical issues, where their life becomes uncertain and they go through tough medical treatments. Besides, having a lot of problems going on in their lives, the two still manage to come out of the misery and live their life a little. They eternally fall in love with each other and live a small yet most beautiful part of their lives with each other.

In the movie, we see Haley Lu Richardson as Stella and Cole Sprouse as Will. Will suffers from a serious genetic disorder that takes a more relaxed approach to his medical regimen. Whereas, Stella claims she has control issues but still tries to make one over a medical plan. In the way of their whole doing and proceeding of the idea, the two of them fall deeply for each other.

The medical issues they both were going through had strictly prohibited them from touching or stay near each other due to the fear of cross-infection. If Stella catches Will’s bacteria or if he catcher hers, their situation would become worse and either of them could die, which is clearly stated by their Nurse Barb who is played by Kimberly Hebert Gregory. She was real gentle with them and always gave her best to take care of the two.

The whole movie revolves around the innocent love story Stella and Will had. From their romantic conversations to the fun they had while they hang out with each other and their friends. The movie however ends with real heartbreaking emotion. It had us in tears when Will had to bid his final Goodbye to Stella. Stella takes her final breathes with Will around her and she leaves the world, leaving all the sorrow and sadness beside her.

The movie leaves the entire audience emotional with tears in their eyes. Also, never forget the movie taught us a lot about real life. That no matter how hard your life is, no matter how many difficulties you may go through, you must never leave and let go of the very idea of being alive and enjoying your life with your loved ones. At last, some only the memories that will stay with us, everything else will just fade with time. The movie taught us that even though you know death is going to knock at your door, you must stay ready to welcome it without grudges. As we see that both Stella and Will knew their life isn’t as long and they will die, but they never gave up on living and being lively.

We also take positive notes from the ending and especially for the newly met lover birds, if you are down to take your relationship on a serious turn, never give up on the person you truly love and who loves you back. Love isn’t an easy game but efforts and more importantly, your desire to have each other will keep you alive and will make you cross any hurdle. The movie along with a lot of sadness comes with a lot of lessons. Let’s just take the good notes and implement them in our lives too. For those who haven’t watched it yet, to be very honest you are missing a masterpiece, take out some time and watch out for the hurdle full and yet overwhelming love story of Stella and Will.